Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Fun Saturday

Well today was a pretty good end to the week. We went bowling this afternoon with Shawn, Sharla, Jason, Courtney (our married friends that also have new babies) and Jessica and Luke (David's sister and her boyfriend). David is in a bowling league these days and gets some awesome deals- not to mention his bowling game is pretty good now. He definitely beat the rest of us.

This evening we took our little Belle to the dog park that is just a couple miles down the road. She LOVES it! I realized that I hadn't really put her in any of my posts yet. Here is my fav pic of her.

Tonight at the dog park she made a new friend named Caesar, which is who she is playing with in this second pic. But I must say, she is pretty popular when she goes there.
And Madden loves going too, he loves to be outside hanging out (even though it is getting really hot down here). This last picture is of him in his stroller as we are leaving the dog park- if you look close you can see his drool all over the top of his outfit- he drools all the time now!


Taralee said...

You have a dog? CUTE!! I want to get a little puppy so bad. Trace says I have to wait to have a kid first...and then he'll see if I can handle a dog too! She is a cute little pup though. Maybe someday I'll get one too!