Monday, July 9, 2007


Well we got back yesterday from a fun filled trip to California. The little vacation just went by way too fast and was so much fun. Here is a breakdown of what we did...

Tuesday-July 3rd: We left for California after David got off work (at about 3:00pm) and started our journey. We made a couple quick stops on the way to Aunt Toni's and Uncle Michael's in Mission Viejo (they are so nice to let us crash their place when we visit- they even let us take Belle!). We arrived at our destination at about 9:15. We introduced Madden and Belle to Uncle Michael, Aunt Toni, and Mathew and then visited until it was time for bed.

Wednesday- July 4th: We didn't want to go out too much since there were a lot of people everywhere you went so we just relaxed around the house. David and I played a few games of pool and Mathew, David and Uncle Michael played some basketball at the park. Later that night we walked up to the park and were able to see about 6 different fireworks shows all around the city. We couldn't hear them but it was still pretty cool to watch.

Thursday- July 5th: We all loaded up and went to dog beach at Huntington (yes, Belle is a very spoiled dog). There were so many dogs there and Belle loved it- even though she stayed away from the water. Madden loved being outside and it really was a perfect day for the beach. We threw the football around, chased around Belle, and just relaxed.

Friday- July 6th: David, Me, and Madden spent another day at the beach. We saw a lady in a thong bikini and I was really glad Madden wasn't old enough to notice- even though David did. =) After we got home from the beach David started to feel sick. We're still not sure if it was the sun exposure or the fish tacos for lunch. That night we went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory (it was delicious), and then we just walked around some shops before heading back to the house.

Saturday- July 7th: We hung out in the backyard and played in the pool. I got to lay out and get some sun which I really needed. I also got to learn from Aunt Toni how to make some delicious appetizers (for those of you who don't know- she is an amazing cook and host). That night their friends Chris and Pam and their son John came over for dinner and we had an amazing meal. Pam loved holding Madden so I got a break from it. We stayed up and visited for a while and just enjoyed the company.

Sunday- July 8th: We left at about 9:00am and headed on home. We got back at around 3:00. Our house was about 98 degrees inside so we were miserable for a little while. The weather in California was beautiful so it definitely does kind of stink to come back to this heat.

Check out the slideshow of pictures from our trip!