Monday, July 16, 2007

This past weekend

Well I was pretty bummed this last weekend that we weren't able to make it up north to go to the Hancock reunion. I really wanted to see everyone and play cards and hang out! We definitely won't miss next year!
So since we weren't able to make it... here is what we did instead...
On Friday, after we took Belle to the dog park, we got our first movie from Blockbuster online- it was the TV series '24'- season 5. For those of you who don't know... we LOVE that show and watched season's 1-4 a long time ago. So we got disc 1 and ended up watching it all, which is close to 4 hours long. If you haven't seen it- I would highly recommend it. Jack Bauer is a Stud. =)
On Saturday we were out and about a lot. But before we went out, I got Madden dressed and did his hair. It is getting a little longer so I decided to spike it up- he looks SO adorable- and even more like his dad now!
Our first stop was to Wal-mart where we bought some curtains to put up in our 'dining room area'- were hoping it will keep more of the heat out. Then we went by blockbuster and exchanged in the first disc of 24 for disc 2. After that we drove out to Grandma Mitchell's place to visit Grandma Hall. She came down from Idaho this last week and we are all hoping she will do well here. Grandma Mitchell is taking good care of her. We introduced her to Madden and she seemed to like seeing him. We love her SO MUCH!!!
After we got home from visiting grandma we watched the first two episodes of 24. Then we went and met Jesse and Alvin at the nearby bowling alley to bowl a couple of games. Jesse and I bowled 2 games then came back to our place to cook dinner while the boys bowled a few more. We ate dinner and just visited for a while- it was great to have them over. (ps- in the pic below- Alvin is NOT flipping off the camera even though it may look like it, he is giving Madden bunny ears). =)
After they left, me and David watched the next two episodes on our 24 disc. =) Now we have to wait a few days before the next disc will get mailed out.
On Sunday we went to our church meetings and then enjoyed another visit to Dad and Mom Hall's where we had fun in the pool and had a good meal.
Well I'm not sure when my next post will be but our next big adventure will be when we go to Utah for the big Tenney/Porter reunion. We are SO excited for that trip!
Till next time!