Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our Busy week and some Big News!

This week has been a pretty busy one. Madden and I got to meet up with Grandma Tenney, Aunt Tara, and cousin Quinn for lunch one day and it was so great to see them. Little Quinn is so adorable and Aunt Tara looks great. And of course it is always good to see Grandma- you should have seen the laughs that Madden was giving her. It was so cute. =)
Madden and I also got to go to dinner one night with Jesse and cousin Riley. We went to Chilis and got to chat for a while and eat some good food. I am wondering why it took so long for us to get together with Riley since she has been living down here for quite some time now- but we are going to try to see her more often. She is so beautiful!
We spent pretty much all day Friday out in Queen Creek looking at houses. Yep... you heard right- a house. =) We went out there with the intention of looking at used homes for sale, but we discovered that you can get a bigger- brand new house for cheaper (since the market isn't too great right now). Well we ended up dropping by DR Horton homebuilders and they were doing a weekend special of 35K off of the sale price of new homes. So... we took a night to think about it (Get ready... here is the big news)... and then went back out there today and bought it! So we officially own a new home. We are so excited and a little scared (I always get a little nervous when it comes to big changes). It is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home and we even splurged a little and got one of the lots that has a really big backyard- which was probably David's favorite part. I have a few pictures that I took of the 'model' home that they had out there that is the same floorplan that we got. I'm sure our place won't be quite as nice since we don't have near enough furniture to fill it up but I am already getting excited thinking of cheap/cute ways to decorate. And we also drove to our lot and took a pic of it (it's just dirt and the base boards for the home so nothing special). Our move in date will be sometime in December. Anyway... here are the pics:

So... since we are now way out in Queen Creek- we need some friends to come move out by us! =) Anyone looking for a home? I guess we will have to go hang out with Uncle Garrett and Aunt Amy now that we are closer to them. Mom and dad... you better still come stay the night with us when you are down here, it's only a little further drive. =)

And here are some other random pics I want to share. Of course they are of Madden. =) He is so close to sitting up all by himself! And everyone is starting to say that he is looking more like a little kid instead of a baby. =( I'm not ready for him to grow up so fast!

Madden got in Grandpa and Grandma Hall's pool today with dad (the water was around 91 degrees!)- he is the only one allowed to swim naked. =)


Jaime Stephens said...

cute cute pictures and congrats on the house that is so exciting!!

Ren & Anna said...


That's awesome that you guys came out to the Creek! Where is your community at? Just make sure to leave the garage light on, you might get your own toad! Congrats guys, like the blog too!

Taralee said...

AMANDA...this was not in our plans. HA HA, just kidding. I am so sooooo very excited for you and dave. That is awesome. Congrats on the house. Oh, and Madden is freaking cute.

Anonymous said...

Madden is not the only one ALLOWED to swim naked - he's just the only one to get caught doing it!! :)

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

I am so exicted to be your neighbor!! Haha! Thanks again for letting me know about it!! YAY!!