Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Utah trip- Tenney/Porter Reunion

We just got back today from the big reunion in Utah and I can't believe it is already over- it went by so fast. We did so many fun things and it was great to see family that we don't see near often enough. Since we did so much and had such a blast... I want to give a sort of day to day breakdown with a few pictures- so here it goes.

Tuesday, July 24th: Dad and Mom Tenney drove down to the valley with all the kids in the awesome twelve passenger van they rented so that we could all ride together. They came and picked me, david and Madden up first. We had quite the fun time trying to figure out how all of our stuff was going to fit in there but we did manage. From our place- we went and picked up Alvin and Jesse and then headed out of town at about 2:00 pm. We were all so excited but after a few hours in the van and bedtimes coming and going it didn't take long to get really tired. Most of us were able to catch a few winks here and there- except for Papa T since he drove the whole way. We finally made it to our destination at about 2:30 am Utah time (1:30 AZ time). The Hilton hotel we stayed at was so nice and it didn't take long for us to fall asleep.

(this pic is Kim and Chace right before we picked up Alvin and Jesse-= they're excited to get going!)

Wednesday, July 25th: We woke up pretty early to leave for Lagoon. We spent most all the day here and had a blast riding the rides and playing in the water. All of the other Tenney clan was there as well. I was lucky enough to have some help with watching Madden so I was able to ride a few rides and play some beach volleyball. My favorite ride was Cliffhanger- and I'm pretty sure it was Trey's favorite too- I think he went about 6 times. =) David got to ride quite a few different rides along with the other kids. It was a good fun day and I think we were all beat by the time it was over.

(grandpa hall drove down from Idaho to meet us at Lagoon and spend a little time with us- a lot of us think Madden looks a little like him)

Thursday, July 26th: This day for me was spent in the hotel with my little guy. =) All of the Tenney clan was going rafting and Madden wasn't quite old enough for that yet, so we had a good long nap and then took a little walk in the afternoon. Everyone else had a really good time rafting though. After that was over they went into Park City to do a little shopping. When they got back we all hung out for a little while at the hotel and then Maryssa and Emma babysatt for me while us older kids went out to dinner with my mom and dad. We ate some pretty good mexican food at a restaurant right across the street. After dinner we went back to the hotel and I got my little guy ready for bed and then let him be babysatt again by mama T so that me, david, jesse, alvin, kim and chace could go watch the movie 1408. Boy was it scary.

Friday, July27th: This day was spent at a cool little water park place called Cherry Hill. There was a fun little lazy river that was fun to float down- Madden even liked it! There were a few different water slides as well as some fun games like mini golf, batting cages, rock climbing and arcades. In the evening we had our first little get-together with the Porter reunion party. We had a good dinner and it was great to see cousins that we don't see very often.

(this is me and my little guy at Cherry Hill before dinner- I love his spikes!)

Saturday, July 28th: We went back to Cherry Hill for breakfast with all the Porter clan and then visited before it was time to drive out to 'Porterville'. (Oh and I must mention that the drive was absolutely beautiful- we all want to move there now). We all met at Porterville around noon where Uncle Loni gave a good little speech about our ancestors. After this it was back into town and Back to Cherry Hill for dinner, pictures, and a great talent show by some of the cousins- we sure do have some talented people in our family.

(Madden got to meet Brody Who is my cousin Trace and Taralee's little boy- these two will be good pals someday)

Sunday, July 29th: We left this morning at about 7:30 am Utah time and got back to Mesa around 6:00 pm. Besides the quick bathroom breaks and meal stops we just did a quick stop at Uncle Ben and Aunt Tara's to see our newest cousin- Quinn Benjamin. He is such a cutie! I can't wait for him and Madden to be able to play together.

(this is Madden and Quinn with their dads- what cuties!)

Overall it was such a great trip. I feel so grateful to have such an AMAZING family and to be part of it. I love them all so much! I feel so blessed to know that families can be together forever because I can't think of anything I would want more than that!

Check out some more of my pics from the trip in this slideshow: