Thursday, August 9, 2007

Volleyball... and "I can't wait" tag

Well first off I just want to announce that I have officially started a team to play in a 'recreation' volleyball league. I guess I got tired of being jealous of David that he got to do basketball, bowling, and flag football leagues so I decided it's my turn. =) My team consists of young, married girls- most of which who have little ones (so our hubbies will get to babysitt). My sister Jesse, and friends Courtney and Sharla are some of the players. I have to admit I am really excited to play again even though I probably stink now. At least it will be nice to get out of the house and do some physical activity!
Anyway... on to my second thing. I guess part of the whole 'blogger' world is that you can be 'tagged' by fellow bloggers to do a post on something in particular (I'm new to the tag thing but will give it a try). So I have been tagged to do a list of the 'Top Ten Things I Can't Wait For'. Here it goes... (in no particular order)...
1- I can't wait to be in a nice home with a yard. Don't get me wrong- I am so grateful to be in such a nice condo, but it will be so nice to have our own home and to have a yard for little Belle to play in.
2- I can't wait for David to be done with school. He has been working so hard to get through school and to work full-time also, it will be such a relief when he is done and all his hard work has paid off.
3- I can't wait for me to be done with school. I stopped going to school to have my little Madden and even though I have a hard time imagining going back I am determined to have my degree someday!

4- I can't wait to snowboard this year. =) I missed out on this wonderful joy all last season due to being pregnant so I am really looking forward to going this year and to making some fun trips to Colorado and maybe even Utah to board with my hubby!
5- I can't wait till my sisters (and brothers) have their own little families and we can all be such good friends! I'm excited to watch our family grow. I'm excited to have nieces and nephews.

6- I can't wait till me and David own a boat. Yes this is just one of the many dreams of ours. We want to have a nice wakeboarding boat so that the summers can be spent on the lake.
7- I can't wait to be a good cook. Well I think this one will take a lot of work, but I am already a lot better now than I was when I first got married. Practice is all it takes. My ultimate goal... cook like Grandma Hancock and Grandma Tenney. =)
8- I can't wait to have more kids. Ok so this one I actually can definitely wait for cause heaven knows I'm not ready to have another one yet... but just seeing the joy that Madden has brought into our lives makes me really excited to see how his brothers/sisters will be.
9- I can't wait to coach. One thing that I have always wanted to do in addition to teaching has been to coach. I don't care if it's junior high, high school, or whatever I just think it would be fun to coach young kids. I love sports.
10- I can't wait till Madden starts sleeping through the night. My little man still hasn't made it all through the night and just recently he has started waking up more than usual (3 or 4 times instead of the usual once). I am thinking it may be because he is growing and getting more hungry- so it may be time to start the solid foods. ???

Ok so now that I've done this... I have to tag five people to do the same... I tag Taralee- my sister Jesse- Jessica Despain- Jaime Stephens- and Megan.


Taralee said...

ok. So why aren't we closer together? We share most of the same wants! I want to coach, I want a boat, I want a house with a yard, I want to play volleyball...the list goes on and on! I miss my amanda.