Saturday, September 22, 2007


This was 'Time Out For Women' weekend. Something that I had been looking forward to for a long time. Last year was my first time to go and I loved it, so I am pretty determined to go every year from now on. It is a Friday night and Saturday event filled with beautiful music and inspirational speakers. I have found that after attending this event, I have come away with a renewed determination to be a better mother and wife, and my heart is full of love for my Savior and Father in Heaven.
On Friday night, my favorite part was the music by Jason Deere and his friends. Jason is an incredible singer/songwriter. They gave an amazing performance of songs and narratives about the prophet Joseph Smith and his life. As I sat there listening to the beautiful music and words, I felt the spirit so strongly- strengthening my testimony of him and all he did. I had the warm, tingly, peaceful feeling pretty much the entire time. Most of their songs brought tears to my eyes. If you want to hear some of their great music- you can listen at (They also have some amazing songs about the pioneers).
On Saturday there was great music and speakers once again, but my favorite was probably Merrilee Boyack. She gave some great advice and thoughts on strengthening marriage. Her words made me reflect on the way I talk to and act towards my husband. I know that there are probably definitely a few things that I need to work on (like trying to get him to change certain things). I am so grateful for my Stud Muffin husband. =) I feel so blessed to have him as an eternal companion. He truly does complete me.
Here are some pictures of the weekend:
Me and My Beautiful Sister/Best Friend

Aunt Jami Playing With Madden

Dinner Friday Night- The best salad EVER- Pablo Picasso from Oreganos

Jesse being SO funny at Oreganos (I would tell the story but it's a 'you have to be there' thing

The best dessert ever- Oreganos Pizza Cookie (no... I don't always take pictures of my food) =)

Our group at Time Out For Women- Such Sexy Ladies!

Tara and I with our little men- We love Tara and Quinn!

2nd cousins Quinn and Madden- good buds!


Ashley said...

I am with you on the Time Out For Women. I went last year, and this year also. I had all of those same feelings. It is such an awesome event, and one that I always want to go to. It always just makes you feel like there is a purpose for all that we do, and the Lord knows our efforts. I always come away feeling so good. I loved Michael Mclean as the host!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome experience! I know I try to change a lot of things Jason does too, but I think I have a lot more faults than he does! That sounds like an awesome weekend. And hopefully his teeth just come through so he can be his happy little self again! Good luck with that- I dont look forward to those days! haha. Although teeth look so cute!

Vonda said...

Amanda - Your quick! TOFW is so great and I love going with sisters and daughters, so it was a little different this year as everyone was at Grandma Hazel and Lorins funerals. BTW, Pablo Pacso and the Bazookie Rock! We are going to Oreganoes tomorrow night for McKennas B-day and that is our order too. I'll get the sites to make the books next comment. Cant find them right now.

Jaime Stephens said...

sounds like fun! What a neat expierence you are a great mother! I am not going to lie I was wondering what happen to you due to the lack of blogging so it's good to hear your back.. Cute pictures the one of madden scarred of the vacumn I love it. Savannah will only let me vacumn if I am holding her :-)

Oh and that food, yummy!!! It looks so good!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Sounds like a good time. So what is it all about? Who sponsers the weekend?
I know that Kristal really know what you are going through with crying babies because here babies are 13 months apart and both had acid reflux, so they would cry for hours at night. She didnt think she would make it but now they both sleep pretty much all through the night so it will get better she can attest to that!

Taralee said...

Oreganos= YUMMY!! I miss that place. Dumb Pootah doesn't have it. (gay) But you and your little Madden are so cute. I love all the pictures. I'm glad to hear from you again! And, are a wonderful mom...I just know it. You were a very "motherly" roomate...which is a good thing. Oh and we all could use a little more patience, trust me!
Oh, and your house looks so good! That is so exciting for you!
Madden is a little poser...he smiles so cute in all his pictures. Brody is starting to smile all the time. I LOVE IT!!