Saturday, September 29, 2007

Old pics and some recent stuff

Well I was going through some of my older pictures the other day and I had so many great memories come back to me. I wanted to share some of these pics and give a shout out to old friends!
I LOVE this pic of Sharla and Taralee and I think they both look gorgeous! I believe this was at Tara's bridal shower a my house.

This was an awesome snowboarding trip to Colorado with some old pals. It was SO much fun jamming 6 of us into one tiny hotel room. This pic is Brady, Trevor, Me, Vaughn, and Taralee (I can't remember the other girl that came with us that took the pic?)

This pic is from my Senior Trip. I mainly posted this because I think it is funny that it looks like Devin is checkin out Nicole's chest. =)

I honestly don't know how I got this picture. Trace and Nicole should appreciate this... it is from our prom date my junior year. I believe Joey Watkins is taking the pic? And you can't really tell but me, Marina, and Nicole are at the bottom and Trace and Banning are on the arrow. haha.

Ok this pic is really bad because I actually took a picture of a picture since I don't have access to a scanner. This pic brings back such good memories. Words can't express how much I love this crazy girl. =)Isn't she HOT!!! (If I ever get to a scanner I will have to re-post this pic).

Ok... now on to more recent stuff. I dressed Madden up the other night and had him wear his nike shoes for the first time. They are size 3 and his fat feet barely fit in them. I think he is just so cute! Oh and he is sitting up all on his own now!

Eating is such a tough job. =) I love this pic!

This video I took the other night when I was feeing him 'sweet potatoes' for dinner. He was in such a good mood and was laughing at everything.
My little guy

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Taralee or Trace said...

So, i CANNOT believe you posted that picture. Who is that crazy girl in the Show Low sweats hicked up to her boobs? Beat me...what a weirdo! (wink, wink!)
I love all the pictures. Thanks for the good memories. I love and miss ya girl. We had so much fun together!! Hopefully there are many good times to come!
Oh and Madden is a pimp too! Love the kid. Brody says hi!!

Taralee or Trace said...

trace said...
sorry everybody for my wife's illiteray. if you cant understand, she meant to say hiked up to her boobs. "pardon my friend she is a little slow" (dumb and dumber), and she went to show low.

twin arrows ice skating gettin pulled over and you had to sit in the cop car ice skatin and sonic and twin arrows and ice skatin i guess thats better than bowling and cold cereal. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

That video is hilarious! I could watch that all day! He is such a funny boy! And I LOVE his shoes!

Taralee or Trace said...

Oh ya, remember on that snowboarding trip when we stopped at wendy's and i rode that cool purple bike? ha ha...or when we were snowboarding and I rolled down the hill the whole time..cause I pretty much sucked! Fun fun huh?

Amanda said...

I have a picture of you on that sparkle purple bike! I wish I had a scanner so I could put that on here too- you were so funny! I have so many funny pics of you- there is one where you are holding an ancient bag of potatoes that looks like it has legs like a foot long.

Jaime Stephens said...

haha looks like some fun times.... I was thinking that picture was Taralee that is funny. Banning will laugh at the other pictures and I'm sure he will have some more fun stories to tell. Madden is soo cute his laugh crack me up Savannah sounds like him it's a squeel (don't know how to spell that one maybe Trace will correct it) I love it and his shoes are rad :-)