Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy Busy & Happy Birthday to two amazing men =)

We have been pretty busy lately. David is working a lot of overtime (earning a little extra holiday cash) and my days consist of picking up after my little guy and trying to slowly pack up and clean rooms one by one. We were given a closing date on our house of November 28th- so we will be moving that weekend. I am getting a head start on everything since Thanksgiving is coming up and I want to have everything done ahead of time. This past weekend we went out to see the progress on our house and went over to Grammy's to visit. Here are some pictures!
This is our soon to be new home!

They put in our cabinets and countertops. I had forgotten what all we had chosen so I was glad to see that they looked good together. I'm so excited to see everything done!

This is Madden with Grandma Teri. They were having fun playing with Maximus. Who needs a pony when you have good ole Maximus around? =)

So now that Madden is crawling around everywhere- he LOVES to be on the move. I have a very hard time getting him to hold still while I change his diaper. The other day I simply turned around to pick up a new diaper and he was off and two feet away by the time I turned around. He seemed to think it wasn't too important to have a diaper on.

Here are just two pictures of my little guy that I took the other day before we went out to run some errands. I got him those tommy shoes at a second hand store for just $4. They are a little big right now but his feet are so fat!

On another note... today is the birthday of two important men in my life. Well... that is if Chace can be considered a man at 16. =) Happy Birthday to my dad and sweet sixteen to my brother Chace. I love them both so much, and I'm so grateful to have them in my life. They are both SO funny and so much fun to be around. My dad has always been such a great example of how a father, husband, and friend should be. He has always amazed me at how much he cares about others. And Chace, he is just an all around great person- so easy to get along with and never has a bad word to say about anyone. I love you dad and Chace. Happy Birthday!


Jaime Stephens said...

Your house looks amazing, how fun! I can't believe how fast it is going up. Savannah is impossible to change now so good luck with that.... Cute pictures

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't believe how soon you are going to be in it! That is so exciting. I just feel sorry for you that you have to move, I hate that! If you need any help with anything, even watching Madden for a little while or something while you get lots done let me know. So exciting!

Vonda said...

You are moving out here to Gods country, right? And a ditto on your dad being amazing. Did you know Kim McNeil was always trying to set me up with him when we were in H.S. She said he was the best guy around and after your mom married him and I got to know him, I have to agree! Your mom and I might have been whiners growing up, but we both got pretty lucky with our hubbies.

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Hey! Hope you had a great weekend. You need to help me with my blog...mine is so dull, and I am not all that "blog" savvy!

So thats exciting that your house is closing soon. My sister in law is closing that same day in QC on her house. And my other friend in my home town in closing on her house too. What a fantastic day for all of you! Where is your house at? But houses are so great with all the room that you have, I cant imagine going back to our little condo! =) If you need help painting or moving, let us know! I actually like to tape and paint! (I know I am sooo weird) But I LOVE decorating, so keep me in mind if you need help. We need to set a date to hang out during the day! We will have to coordinate schedules. Have a great day!

P.s. LOVE the shoes, arent baby shoes so fun? Even thought they dont use them because they dont walk...I just cant help myself! It just makes them really seem like a miniature person. haha

ron&melz said...

So exciting on your house. Hopefully we can come down one day and help you guys get moved. Keep us informed on exactly what day you need us. The pictures of the baby are so cute - can't wait to see you on Wed. Thanks for the special tribute to Dad and Chace. I think they're both amazing too!! MOM

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR COUNTER TOPS!!! So beautiful! The house is awesome too! Can't wait to see how you decorate it for Christmas! Glad to see you guys are keeping busy and doing very well! Isn't it nice to know Madden has the self esteme to go bare bottom!

Taralee or Trace said...

I bet you are so excited to get into your house. How fun! A nice yard to play in too!! The kitchen looks great! Did you guys sell the condo? I bet you can't wait to get into the house.
Madden is so cute. I love it that he runs away from you when he gets his diaper changed. Savannah always does that too!
Can't wait to see you over Thanksgiving! That will be AWESOME!! I'm so excited!!

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Okay so yeah you are SUPER close to them. They are off Combs and Ironwood. I think you turn left off combs by a school maybe? They are also DR Horton. They live off Kieth Dr. Thats about all I know. So I bet you will be in their ward. Their names are Kamarie and Reed. (Its my hubby's sister) They have a blog and their link is on our page if you want to check it out. There are pictures of their house too. That would be a very small ward if you were in the same ward. I will be out there probably quite a bit when they move in, so I will have to stop by!

I hung out with Alvin and Jessica tonight. We all went to dinner and bowling with some others from their work. It was fun. Anyways, we should plan something for either early next week, or after Thanksgiving. Are you going up to Heber or staying down here? Anyways, let me know what works for you. Have a great night.