Sunday, November 4, 2007


I can still picture my sister Kim as the short, chubby, blonde haired 'kimbo'- but that is definitely not the case anymore. My little sister has grown into a beautiful and VERY talented young woman who I am SO proud of!
I spent this last weekend watching Kim and her team play in the 1A State Volleyball tournament, and I had so much fun watching her (and losing my voice from yelling and cheering so much). As some of you may know, I love volleyball- and I loved playing in High School, but boy... my sister is way better than I ever was. =) The Mogollon Mustangs made it all the way to the state championship game- where they were matched up against San Simon (ya I had never heard of them either). The Mustangs had swept every team they played up till that point. The championship games were as follows: Game #1: MOG 25 - SS 20
Game #2: SS 25 - MOG 20
Game #3: SS 25 - MOG 22
Game #4: MOG 25 - SS 23
So we won the first one, they won the next two, we won the fourth one, and then the final and 5th game, we ended up losing 15-13 (every game was SO close). So the Mustangs were State Runners-up, something that I think they should be very proud of! As a side note, from these championship games the Arizona Republic said this "Mogollon outside hitter Kim Tenney had a game-high 18 kills". =) And she also made the 1A State All Tournament team. WOW!
I highly doubt that this will be the last time my sister plays competitive volleyball- I am guessing she will play college ball somewhere. And if I can just brag for a second, she is honestly such an amazing player. She can hit the ball so hard, she plays smart, she passes very well, and has a great serve (not to mention she looks SO CUTE while doing all of this). So I just wanted my sister to know how proud of her I am. She will always be #1 in my book!
This is my bad dog sister in action:

Here are some pics from in between games at State this past weekend:

Here are two pictures I took up in Heber when it was Senior recognition day:



ron&melz said...

Thanks so much for the special tribute to your sister. Kimi's so lucky to have such great older sisters who love and support her so much!! It was great seeing you guys this weekend and thanks for putting us all up! We love you all - MOM

Anonymous said...

WOW...that's awesome CONGRATS! GO MUSTANGS! What a sweet sister...showin' some love!

Vonda said...

Your right about looking great when she plays, and isnt that one of the most important thing? Congrats to the mighty Mustangs, what happened to those wimpy Wildcats?

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Congrats on going so far! I heard about the close game. I HATE those kind of games! So is she looking to go anywhere. I could give some recommendations to some connections I have.... Let me know.

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Hi Amanda! Okay so I have come to the conclusion that we are going to be good friends! We have a lot in common! We both love volleyball, Alvin and Jessica, our little boys (who are 13 days apart by the way) and they were both bees for Halloween! Is this fate...I think so! haha.

Anyways, back to the main subject. YESSS I am so up for playing some vball next January! You can count on me! In front row I prefer outside because thats probably where I am best, but I can play middle or back it doesnt matter to me all that much. In the back row I like deep, I have a bad habit of sacrifycing my body for the team by diving. But wherever you need me really I am perfectly fine playing. Anyways, I am so excited and cant wait for the season to start! Let me know when you need the $$ for registration, my hubby works next to Alvin so I can get it to you whenever you need it! Thanks for including me. See you soon.

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

I am so happy Mogollon made it so far! I am so proud of Kim she is so cute! I wish I could have made it to the games. I am just happy Joseph City didn't win. :) Love you guys!

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Hello again. Well maybe we need to get together before January to let our little ones play together. Where do you guys live?

I did play in High School (for the school and club ball). I grew up in Sierra Vista (Very southern AZ) and played from 7th grade on. I also played in college at MCC in 03. But I only played one year due to health issues. But I am VERY out of practice. I started playing every thurs night just at the church out here (Maricopa) and its co-ed. Its pretty fun. I told Alvin yesterday to tell Jessica to come out and keep in shape before January! So if you are interested, let me know, you are welcome to come too. Anyways, I have a friend or two that play if you need more players. I havent mentioned anything to them, but I could if you needed another player. (one played middle I think in HS (Round Valley) Or is that against the rules...are they rivals to Mogollon?! haha Anyways, we should get together during the day since we both stay home!! Hope you have a GREAT week!

Steven and Becky Trujillo said...

Kim really has become a cutie! Way to go on that Volley ball! I wish I could have been there to see Mogollon smath the other teams this season!

Anonymous said...

hey sis. thanks so much!! you are the freakin best. and that little boy. oh man he is the cutest thing ever. i can't wait to come down and stay. it will be awesome. but i love you sis! your da best!!
*love kimi*

Taralee or Trace said...

Oh how I love kim! She's probably the coolest thing ever!
I can't belive she is a senior. That's NUTS!!!