Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Happy Birthdays

Well I have been meaning to do this post for the last couple of nights but was just now able to sit down and get my pictures downloaded and do this post. On Sunday night we met up with David's family to celebrate the birthdays of my sisters-in-law, Heather & Jessica. Heather's Birthday was on Sunday, December 16th and Jessica's birthday is tomorrow- December 19th. Heather is no longer a teenager and Jessica is now 17. I just love having these two girls as my sisters, even though I am quite jealous of their cute little figures and many talents. They are so beautiful and so sweet- and I just hope they both had/have great birthdays!!!!
Here are the pictures from the night:
Here is Jess and her boyfriend Luke- SO CUTE!

This is Heather and her boyfriend Chris. So beautiful!

I just love this picture! Madden with his Grandpa and Grandma Hall.

Madden loves his Grandpa Hall!

Group picture from the night.

We love you Heather and Jess! Happy Birthday!