Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm back! =)

So I know it has been a long time since I have done a new post and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it... we moved into our new house and didn't get internet/cable until today. And let me just say... I am SO glad to finally have it again and to be able to see what all my family/friends have been up to. And I have so much to share with everyone! I'm going to get right to it!
David did the walk through for our house the morning of November 28th and then that afternoon we signed the closing paperwork and got our keys that evening! We were so excited that we decided to go ahead and move a load of stuff over so that night we brought our mattress, maddens bed, and a few other things over and stayed the night. The next 3 days consisted of moving all of our stuff (boy we had a lot of crap!) and trying to clean out the condo which my sister in law Heather will be moving into in a few weeks. Even though I was so excited to move, I was sad to think that I was leaving the home that I had known for the last two years of my life- the time in which my life had changed the most. It was the place David and I stayed our first night as husband and wife, and it was the place I brought my little Madden home from the hospital. Such great memories were made there but I am anxious to start making new ones here!
Anyway... Besides moving... what else have we been up to these last few weeks. So many things, both big and little. Here's what we've been up to, in no particular order:
*We spent a lot of time packing up and moving stuff, and of course unpacking and organizing everything once it got moved. Such a pain- moving is definitely not fun. Plus it was a little hard trying to pack and load stuff with a kid in one arm (I'm beginning to wonder why my biceps aren't huge by now). =) Madden was always there to help us. Here he is when David is trying to take the table apart to load.

Here he is in Grandpa Halls work glasses. So cute.

*I had decided that before I put up all our decorations and everything, I wanted to get the main walls painted in our front room and living rooms. Many hours were spent painting but I did finally get that finished and was so glad with how it turned out (pictures of house posted at bottom).
*Madden got sick last Friday. It started as a little cough but then turned into a really bad cough, a runny nose, and fever of 103. The fever lasted 2 days. His sickness prompted David and I to find a new pediatrician earlier than expected whom we went and saw on Tuesday. I think I am really going to like him as Madden's new doctor. I was grateful to know that Madden didn't have ear infections (something his dad had really bad when he was younger). The doc said it would slowly go away and it has since faded- so I'm hoping he will be all better soon.
*Madden slept through the night- 10 hours straight! I finally did what worked for everyone else and let him cry it out a couple of nights instead of going in and giving him his bottle. After just 2 nights he wasn't waking up for his usual 4:00am bottle. I was able to enjoy the 10 hour stretch for a few nights until he got sick and started waking up a few times at night again. Once he gets better though I will be back to letting him cry it out until he is sleeping through the night again.
*Madden got his first haircut! His hair was getting really long that it started looking silly when I spiked or mohawked it. Plus it was uneven. So David buzzed it. I'm anxious for it to grow out again but he still makes a cute buzz head. Here is the cutest picture of him the night before we cut his hair. And look at those teeth!

Here is his new do.

*Madden can hold his bottle and feed himself. Boy he is growing up so fast! He still lets me feed him when it is time for naps or bedtime but during the day he most of the time feeds himself his bottle. He sure does help when I need to get cleaning done. He's getting so big!

On top of that he likes playing with big boy toys now too.

*We went to our new ward. There were so many people and I would say that about 80% are younger than 35 and have kids. =) We are looking forward to making new friends.
*I've babysatt Taya a couple of times. It is so nice to have Nic and Jessica just five doors down (literally). They are so much fun! And they even just recently got a little dog so now Belle has someone to play with too! Here are the two little ones hanging out.

For those of you who didn't know, my little guy ruined my cell phone (by doing what is pictured below). I have a new phone with the same number but was unable to get any of my contacts out of my old one so I need phone numbers again. I'll probably be e-mailing everyone soon to ask you to e-mail me your numbers. =)

So... here are the pictures of the new place. I love our new home. Oh and I wasn't going to put up any Christmas decorations but I just couldn't resist. It just wouldn't be the same without them! And I wish I would have taken 'before' pictures cause the paint really does make a big difference.
This is our front room:

This is our kitchen area:

Pantry- one of my favorite parts about the house. I love having a pantry now!

Our living room/Tv room (David loves having the big screen TV even though he doesn't get to watch it much during the week):

Madden's room- It still has a ways to go. It is pretty messy and I have a lot more decorating I want to do:

This is our computer room- the messiest of everything cause we haven't organized stuff in there yet.

Our guest bedroom. A nice queen size bed- very comfy. Always ready for visitors so please come stay with us sometime! Don't mind everything on the bed right now- those are Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped:

Here is our 2nd bathroom:

Master Bedroom- still needs a lot of work:

In addition to all the pictures I've shown, I just want to share a couple of things that have my own personal touch to them. Here are some things that I did myself (I always find that I like decorations more when I make them).
Here are some Christmas snowmen that I bought from Michaels and then painted (they are just plain white when you get them). I've painted a few each year for the last two years. I love painting these and I am bummed I didn't get a chance to paint any this year. I got into painting the summer that I lived in Tucson with my Aunt Lorayne. I always had such a good time doing things with her- she was the one who helped me discover that I like to paint.

My new favorite thing is to buy things at goodwill and then fix them up. These were plain ugly brown picture frames that I painted and distressed to match my colors.

I also got this mirror thing at goodwill that I painted. The 'Hall' letters I got at wal-mart and fixed up with scrapbook paper.

So that is our new home. We hope some of you will come visit us sometimes. You know... Queen Creek really isn't that far away. =) Trace and Taralee- remember when you use to stay with us at our condo? We miss you guys and you need to come stay with us here sometime. =) Even better, there are more houses just down the road waiting to be bought! =) Oh and also, we have a nice big backyard that is just dirt right now. We hope to have a pool and grass and pretty trees and stuff back there someday. I'll post pictures of it once we do stuff to it. =)
Well I hope you will all forgive me for such a long post but I had a lot to catch up on for the last couple of weeks. I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the holiday season as much as I am. We love you all!


Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

finally!!! i have been looking at your blog everday waiting for these pictures! madden is getting so big & i love his new haircut. My favorite picture by far though is of him in the camo pajamas wearing the glasses. i was cracking up when i saw it!!!
also your house is so so so beautiful. you did such a good job on painting it & i love the decorations you fixed up. i need to come out there again & see all the finished work.
anyway you better come hangout tomorrow! love yoou tons!

The Austin Family said...

Welcome back!!! Your house looks awesome. Madden is getting soooo big. Can't wait to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

I too have just been waiting for picutres so I am glad you finally got your internet up! Sorry Madden was so sick, that is miserable. But that is awesome he was sleeping through the night, it is hard to let them cry- but so worth it huh?! And I LOVE your house. It is beautiful and you have done such a great job! I want to come see it in real life sometime. When things slow down for you and you feel like having people over let us know! I am jealous, I wish we could move over there and be neighbors! Maybe in a few years when school is done!! I am glad you are all settled!

T-dizzle said...

HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! Welcome back! I've missed you. I love love LOVE your new house. I'm so jealous. It just looks so nice and spacious! I bet you love it. You have decorated so cute too. It looks so homey and welcoming...espcecially that guess bedroom!! (wink, wink!)
Madden is getting so big. He is still so adorable. Do you still have the little snowman that I painted? I think I gave it to you. That was so much fun. We spent like 2 day doing those. I need to start doing that. It looks fun. I wish I lived next to you so we could do crafts and stuff.
I'm glad your back...i really did miss my blogging buddy!

Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

I love your house... it is so beautiful and I love all your decorations, youre so creative. Madden is such a cutie... cant wait to see you guys at Christmas.

Ginger said...

Hi there, I figured that you hadn't got internet yet so that is why you haven't posted anything. I am so glad that you guys are finally in. That is so exciting. I can't wait to be in a house. It looks so nice. do you need help painting anymore. I feel bad, you should have called and I would have helped you paint. Looks beautiful.

Jaime Stephens said...

wow I love love love your house it is so cute and you did such an awesome job decorating it (I especially love the paint). You are quite the crafty one... Madden is so adorable and oh my gosh I swear he aged like 5 months since you have been blog lacking he is so cute!

Anonymous said...

How amazing! You have a great sense of color and decoration! It looks great. Madden looks so CUTE! I'm sure he's enjoying all the new space too!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I am just amazed that you got all of your decorations and things put away so quickly! I have moved like 8 times in my life and I do not enjoy it one bit! The only good thing about it is that you go through all of your stuff and realize that half of you you could give to good will or just throw it away. Everything looks so nice and it is awesome you get to have friends so close. We might take you up on your offer to stay the night sometime.

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

Hey Amanda, this is Kiara Caldwell ( now Vowell ) I dont know if your remember me, I am from Taylor, and your parents were my ma and pa on the trek, and my brother is Rustin, anyways maybe you will know who I am through all of that. I blog hopped onto your blog from Brennon and Ambers and saw that you moved to Queen Creek, Well I live in Pecan Creek, the 1st one. We are totally close and probably in the same ward. I am in Pecan Creek 2nd ward. If you are in the despains ward ( nick and his wife ) we are in the same ward. We should totally be freinds, I love all the crafts you do, I live for doing crafts. So it would be cool if we were in the same ward, and if not we still live close and my husband and I need freinds in QC. sorry for the long post, I am working in betwen typeing so I am just mumbling..

Anonymous said...

We were also excited to see you guys are in our ward. We are excited about the ward, it should be fun. We should for sure get together sometime. Your house looks awesome. I love all your colors. We have ours mostly painted but not really decorated too much yet and hopefully I will get pictures posted soon. Oh and your little snowmen are so cute. You are very creative!

Ren & Anna said...

Your house looks great! It took us a year to get that far!!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Your amazing as always. I posted a new blog. woo hoo two in one month. I hope to post pictures of our house soon but I want to wait till we paing and all of my little projects are done... like painting my table and fixing my pillows and getting a mattress for the guest bed anyhow. I love you and have missed you!! haha! I hope we can get together soon! lots of Love!! MUUUHAA!

Steven and Becky Trujillo said...

Wow! You guys got a house! That it awesome! From those picts it sure looks like a beaty. Boy and does that little Madden sure like he is loved, not only by you, but the whole extended family as well. I have been slasking on my blogging, but I hope to get back into it here. Congrats on the new house!