Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Troublemaker, Addicted, Boarding & Excitement!

So today, my little Madden got into pretty much anything he could and he was raising heck wherever he went. This is what Madden did today (such a busy little man):
Broke our lamp by pulling it over by its cord.

Got caught playing in the toilet (the toilet was clean but still... gross).

Found the cabinet with my pots and pans and proceeded to take them all out.

Had a BIG mess in his diaper which somehow got all over his legs- resulting in a mid-day bath.

Not pictured: Got caught playing with Belle's dog food and had put every left over piece of dog food into her water.
Found a wrapping paper roll and destroyed about half of it.
For those of you wondering where his mother is while he is doing all of this... I swear I do watch him! He has gotten so fast at crawling lately. I will set him down in the living room with a bunch of toys while I put a load in the washer, and then when I come out he is down the hallway in the bathroom. He's a quick little booger.
Anyway- On to other things.
Anyone who really knows me, knows that I'm not a big exercise person. Lately I have been thinking EVERY DAY about how much I need to be in better shape and how I need to start exercising. I have heard of so many people who are 'addicted' to running. Oh how I wish I could become one of those people and run miles and miles each day! However, running is probably one of my least favorite things. But maybe that is just because I haven't really given it a shot??? So, I decided that I am going to try my hardest to get addicted to running. I went out running today after David got off work. After about 10 minutes I felt a little crampy in my sides and got a sort of ear ache from the cold wind (yes I am THAT out of shape). I was able to hold out for just about 20 min. I know it's nothing big... but it's a start right? haha... we'll see when and if I decide to try again. =) Maybe I'll just try to stick with my 'The Firm' workout videos. hmm... I wonder where those are??

Next... can I just tell you all how badly I want to go snowboarding!!! I missed out on it last year since I was pregnant and so I am very eager to hit the slopes this year. David and I are thinking about maybe going to Sunrise on Christmas Eve, but we will see how that goes over with all the family stuff. And today we were talking about making a trip to Colorado and boarding at Durango and Telluride sometime in January. We want to get some other couples to come with us... so who's down??? =) I'm serious! Anyone who would be interested in coming with... let me know!!!

Last- I am SO excited for Christmas! This will be our first Christmas as a married couple/family with my family on Christmas day (so it's been 2 years). I am so excited to be going up to Heber. It is going to be so much fun! I hope my dad busts out the Christmas music like old times. And I can't wait to eat all the Christmas goodies that I know will be lying around everywhere.
This will probably be my last post till after Christmas so for all of you travelling in the next week- be safe, and I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


Taralee said...

HELLO there hot mamma! I love it that you don't like running. Maybe if we lived next to eachother we could go running together and learn to love it! I just can't get motivated either.
As for your little Madden...what a little cute trouble maker. I love it. I'm sure you get plenty of exercise chasing the speed crawler around!
And as for snowboarding....LET'S DO IT. MMMMMMKAY???

Jaime Stephens said...

hahah Madden is soo hang funny. I love that kids get into everything and you know there are some things they really shouldn't be getting into but it's comical to watch them... Nice work on running I used to be in the "in mode" of running and liked it but now I realize how much more convienent it is not to run.... Utah is getting a lot of snow.... I hope to go ride tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm glad Madden is older and that you blog about him so much! This gives me a heads up to what Danika can get into! I was always told to learn from thank you! LOL! I'm not overly athletic either...not as much as I need to be. I'm with you on running. It is my LEAST favorite of all activites to do, ESPECIALLY when it's cold. I need to find a group of mommies that I can go out for walks with or something. That has to be the worse part of living where we do! Keep the cute blogs coming!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking on the way to work today how I needed to get my body back in shape. I have so many excercise videos that I need to start using! You can borrow some if you would like because I know I will never use them all. I guess since we live close we have no excuse not to get together and go running. :) Its always better when you have someone to run with!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that he is into everything! It is so funny to know that they do it because they know they aren't supposed to! They are definately not dumb huh?! That is hilarious, and makes me wonder why I am waiting for Jaxon to crawl! I guess I am at the point I would rather see him get into stuff then have to sit on the floor with him ALL day long so he stays happy! haha. Well I hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!!

Ren & Anna said...

oh man Amanda! We would so be there....if I didn't have a broken arm!! Once this cast is off, we'll totally go! I would highly recommend Keystone. It was a blast. I want to exercise more too, so if you ever want to get together and do cheesy workout videos, let me know! HAHA!


Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! What a fun stage you are seems like it was yesterday I had two little toddlers running around. It goes by so quick so enjoy every minute of every stage!
You have such an adorable, CUTE family!;)

Taralee or Trace said...

Hey there buddy. I hope you had a GREAT Christmas. I'm excited to see the new post.
Oh and are you going to Dustin's wedding in Vegas? We are going. You guys should come. It will be a PARTY!!

Vonda said...

Amanda, thanks for giving Kayla a ride home from Payson. She loved Madden and enjoyed visiting with you guys too. Let us do you a favor next - like babysitting your cute little man!

Aaron Hall said...

Hey Hall Family,
It was great to see you here in Idaho. Amanda, it was good to meet you. It is good to put a face to all the praises you get from Grandpa Dave. David, I loved spending time with you to get to know you a little better. Your guys are always welcome here anytime. Our door is always open. I hope to see you all soon.
Your Cuz,