Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls weekend!

A few weeks ago my Aunt Jolene suggested that we get some girls together and do a craft weekend up in Taylor. Of course I was thrilled with the idea and the prospect of making some cute things for the home. So this past weekend my sister Jessica and I drove up north for the occasion. I picked her up from work Friday afternoon at 2:00pm and we made it to Heber at about 4:30.
This is Madden on the drive up. No he doesn't have orange boogers- that is just dried up baby food from lunch (I guess mom didn't wipe him off good enough). =)

Luckily I called my mom when we got into town and we were able to make it down to the High School gym just in time to watch my brother Chace wrestle in the Mogollon Tournament. He won which was so great but he also ended up injuring his knee which was so not great. After we watched Chace we drove on into my Grandma Hancock's where we would be staying. Me and Jesse were there together then my mom came in, my Aunt Jolene and Aunt Melissa came over, and my cousin Danielle came into town too.
This is Deagan, my cousin Devin & Danielle's ADORABLE son- this kid is too cute:

My Grandma had the wonderful idea of making a delicious dinner and giving us an idea as to what we could make for Valentines. She had everything set up so cute! I am really going to try to make that dinner and set it up cute for me and David for valentines. I'm sure it won't turn out quite as good but I'm giving it a shot!
Here is the valentines table my grandma had all set up cute for dinner:

After dinner we just sat around and visited till it was time to go to bed. The next morning we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast and then soon after got started on the crafts. My Aunt Jolene had come up with all the craft ideas and me, jesse and Danielle were the ones doing the crafts.
Our first project were 'love' blocks. Here are all of ours together:

These ones are mine:

Our second project was picture blocks. I loved making these and want to make more!
just fyi: The letters are M for Madden and H for Hall (not a W and a y). =) Here is one side of my two blocks.

The other side of my two blocks.

And our third project was a memories magnet board. I just have to get get magnets to use on it now:

In addition to these crafts we decided to start a FHE lesson exchange where we will each send each other one Family Home Evening lesson a month. David and I don't do FHE as often as we should, but it will be nice to get started on lessons I can use when my kid(s) get older!
All in all it was a great weekend. Big thanks to my Aunt Jolene for putting it all together! It was a blast getting to spend time with the girls and making some cute stuff also! And also big thanks to my grandma for letting jesse and I stay at her home. She really is such an amazing woman and if I can be half that amazing as I get older I will be pretty darn pleased. =) Oh and last, big thanks to grandad for cutting out our blocks for us and doing the 'manly' things so we could have our cute crafts!
I LOVE this man:

I'm already ready for next craft day =). I hope everyone had a great weekend!


dani said...

I love that man too! What a cute picture! Look at you miss crafty! I could never do anything like that. So cute!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

OH MY GOSH! Amanda, We need you for enrichment, I have had girls reguest to make those blocks with pictures. So we might hit you up on some help. and your crafts are soooo cute, I love doing crafts, hello we need to get together. And the Wii is my parents, I wish it was ours..Maybe I should steal it and bring it down here.

Jaime Stephens said...

What cute crafts and what a fun idea!! Nice work I wish I could make cute things like that.

Anonymous said...

Okay you are so creative! I love the cute ideas. I also love that you guys are planting citrus trees. Reed and I have been wanting some too! So fun. We hardly ever see anyone at church because we have to run to the nursery before parents start dropping off kids. I can go visiting teaching this week for sure!

Yael said...

I also transgress in craft sometimes..but yours are very creative..thanks for the inspiration :)

Jamilyn said...

Looks like a great weekend. Wish I wouldve known about it earlier then the week before hand so I couldve made it. Glad you girls had a such a great weekend.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Those look like such cute things. I really like the magnetic board. my sis inlaw has one and it is a good way to display cute pictures and announcements. I like it better than the tacky refrigerator.
just be thankful you are around family to be able to do that.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! You're so creative! The blocks are adorable, and I love the magnet board...very very cute! One day I'll find my creative side! LOL

Taralee or Trace said...

All your little crafts turned out so so cute! You are so good! It looks like you all had fun. I wish all us girl could get together and do a "girl's night" fun would that be?
Madden is getting so big. I was looking back when you first started the blog...he was just a little tyke! :) He'll be walking before too long...that's NUTS!!
Well, love ya. TTYL.

Steven & Daniela said...

hey!!! i LOVE the memories magnet!! :) i want to make one! i guess we're seeing you guys for superbowl sunday! YAY! do you guys need us to bring something??

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

I forgot to tell you, I am going to go to the exercise night tommorrow, it is at Shelly Hiers house which is 2 doors down from mine, you should go!

Ren & Anna said...

Hey I saw your comment.That is crazy! That is our old ward. We loved it, there are such nice people there. I am so confused because they told us all of Pecan Creek South had to move to this new ward. I wish we could go back! I wonder why they read your records here...weird. We need to get together and do something!

Nelson Family said...

You have such fun grandparents. And that is so fun to get together with the girls in the fam and make crafts. That is such a great idea, and you guys did a great job on them too. I made one of those blocks a couple years ago, you have inspired me to make another. They are way cute. :)

Dan, Jamie, & Bryson said...

I love the crafts! Can I post them on my site? And what an adorably sweet grandma you have!

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Okay two things...So fun to have a girls weekend and all the crafts turned out GREAT!! Jealous. We should have a craft day and just get together and do this kind of stuff. Second...what the heck, your background is great! I want it, well with pics of my fam of course! =) I am so bad when it comes to backgrounds. I have tried to change it, but I cant find any cute ones. They want me to pay for any cute one I find. So I need some serious help to revamp my blog. HELP ME!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest crafts! I think I could make crafts all day everyday- too bad I have no more room in my house to put anything else! haha. I already have a closet full of stuff I don't have room for! That sounds like a fun weekend! I too need FHE lessons, we haven't done any yet either but I want to with my family so bad so I gotta get working!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest crafts! I think I could make crafts all day everyday- too bad I have no more room in my house to put anything else! haha. I already have a closet full of stuff I don't have room for! That sounds like a fun weekend! I too need FHE lessons, we haven't done any yet either but I want to with my family so bad so I gotta get working!