Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long weekend...

So I am usually really glad when David has an extra day off of work, but this weekend has just been full of sickness. Madden is slowly getting over his sickness and luckily only had a fever for about a day and a half- his cough and runny nose are still terrible though. David got pretty sick as of Saturday and has been suffering the last couple of days with a sore throat and allergies. He even took a sick day today to try and recover. As for me, I have been lucky enough so far to not get too sick- just a minor sore throat and runny nose. So... anyone want to come visit? haha. =)
Well even though we have had this sickness going on, we still managed to have a pretty good weekend. We got Nash on Saturday and Belle has been having so much fun having a little playmate. They spend most of their time outside so we haven't even had any 'accidents' on the floor yet. Nash is seriously the cutest puppy ever- I just wish he would stay that small and cute for a long time. Here are some pictures of him:
This is him with his new collar from Petsmart.

For some reason Nash is really intrigued by Madden. Whenever Madden is crawling around, Nash follows and sniffs at him. Madden doesn't even seem to notice.

Nash laying next to Belle's bone

Here are the two little ones on the way to go get the mail.

We went over to Nic and Jessica's on Sunday to have dinner. It was SO DELICIOUS! Big thanks to the Despain's. This is the only picture I got over there, it is of Nash and Hammy (nic and jess's dog).

On Saturday David spent a lot of time in the backyard. Dad Hall even came over early in the morning to help out a little. Boy we sure are grateful for him and all the help he gives us. He is so very talented and not to mention he has all the tools David needs to get stuff started in the yard.
Here is our yard when we first moved in.

And here is the progress thus far:
Here are our three citrus tree's we planted a while ago- David is going to put a circular paver border around each of them (he got one done this weekend)

Here is the paver border of where our grass area will be. It is marked out right now for where David needs to dig the trenches for the sprinklers. Still a ways to go but hey it's progress!

Here is where we extended out patio- you can see Madden's handprint in the concrete!

On another note, here are some other things going on with us these days:
~ I am currently in training for a job that I can do from home. I'm pretty excited to have something that I can set my own hours and bring in a little extra money (the pay isn't great but hey it's something). So hopefully it works out and I like it!
~ Madden is finally getting his other top tooth in. He has had just one for about a month now!
~ I've started playing in the volleyball league again. We didn't do so hot last weekend so hopefully this coming Thursday will be better!
I hope everyone else had a good holiday weekend!


Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

I'm sorry your litte guy and hubby are sick that is awful! I cant believe how cute your lab is, I miss when my dogs were puppies, Our lab use to be that small now she is a whopping 100 pounds. They are such good dogs for children though, our lab loves kids so much.

That stinks you are not in enrichment, I kinda had the same thing happen to me, Bishop called me to enrichment and the next day I get a call telling me to call the girls for visiting teaching, I was so confused and they had everything mixed up .

Last but not least, I never did get an email for the gardening??

Sorry for such a long comment

Jamilyn said...

suckie everyone is sick. ive been sick since thursday so be careful its not fun to have. my entire office has been sick since last monday. nash is so cute we'll have to come out and see you all next time we are up stratton will be in heaven getting to play with madden and the puppies then if we add taya and the other puppy!!!! Love you tons

Taralee or Trace said...

Oh hello! Can I just tell you that you need to blow up that picture of madden in the wagon and get it framed. It is so so so so cute. He is getting more handsome with every post. I love nash too. What a cute little puppy. He's going to be one big dog. It will be fun cause he'll have a nice backyard to play in. Way to go DAVE!! It looks really good! You are quite the go-getter!
Oh and I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!! LOVE YA!

Steven & Daniela said...

i'm jealous david got mlk day off!! i can't get over how CUTE nash is! we want to see him! your backyard is coming along pretty!! :)

Ren & Anna said...

wow, I've missed a lot! The dog is so cute. I can only imagine where the name came from. :) And good for you guys for already starting on your yard! Were you guys in church on Sunday? We looked for you but didn't see you. They read your records a couple of weeks ago.

Jaime Stephens said...

Sad that your all sick that is no fun... Your yard is amazing!! Your dog is soo cute I wish they made a growth stopper pill for pups too our pups were so cute.. I agree with Tara the picture in the wagon adorable! And one more thing... What are you going to do from home? I would love to work from home I do love my job now but working from home would be great!

Anonymous said...

Good Madden is getting over his cold, bad that he gave it to your hubby! Tis the season for it to go around I guess! Don't you just love having your own home!!??? While it leaves a lot of work to be done, it's FUN work! Nash is such a handsome pup! I just wanna squeeze him! I love the picture of Madden and Nash in the wagon with the sun setting...very cute! Good luck with your volleyball and the new job! I hope it all works out!

Vonda said...

Your puppy is soooo cute (still in close compatition with ours) Is it a golden retriever? Your back yard is looking great, its expensive to get a yard in, so its great you have a handiman hubby. What kind of a stay at home job are you training for? medical transcribing?

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

http://www.thedomesticdivas.blogspot.com/ I dont know if you have this, but this is our relief society blog!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys man the house and everything looks great. when the grass grows and you get that swimming pool oh that will be super duper. and we might come over and visit and bbq and watch a suns or cardinals game maybe even the world series of poker. oh that will be fun i cant wait. madden is getting so big and adorable. i just want to sqeeze him. well we hope all is well. have a good day and good luck with that working from home stuff.