Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Weekend

We have had a really good past week. On Valentines Day I made David a yummy dinner of pork chops cooked in a rasberry chipotle sauce (big thanks to grandma hancock for the recipe) and salad, rolls, and mashed potatoes. I got him a cd that he had been saying that he wanted for quite a while so he was surprised and happy about that. After dinner I had to leave to go play volleyball which I thought we were going to have a pretty tough game but we ending up killing them and it wasn't even very fun- except for getting to have some girl time. On Friday night my cousin Jamilyn came over with her son Stratton. She had a few meetings that she had to go to this weekend for wedding planning so she needed a place to stay. I was glad she asked to stay here cause it had been a long time since I had spent time with her! She offered to babysitt Friday night so I took her up on her offer and me and David headed out for dinner and a movie with our pals Nic and Jessica. We went and ate at Cheesecake Factory (yummy!) and then went and watched 'Fools Gold'. I thought the movie was pretty funny and cute- but could've done without a certain part. We all liked it though! BIG thanks to Jami for babysitting. Here is David and I before leaving on our date night:

On Saturday, Madden and I spent most of our time with Jami and Stratton. We went for a walk around our neighborhood and even went and looked at some of the model homes. I'm trying to talk Jami into moving out here once she gets married. =) That evening we had invited a few people over for dinner- Brad (Jami's fiance), Nic and Jessica and Taya, and my sister Jesse and her hubby Alvin. Jami is a really good cook and made a ranch parmesan chicken over bowtie past and marinara, with salad and garlic toast (I helped a little). For dessert we had homemade icecream and brownies! It was delicious! We watched the Basketball All-Star thing they had going on. The dunk contest was sweet!
Here is Jami with her fiance Brad:

I love my sister and brother in law!

This is Madden lookig cute in his outfit before he had dumped a bottle of 409 all over himself:

Oh and Madden had gotten a toy fourwheeler for Christmas from Papa & Mama T (my parents). Check this out: =)
Check out this video: Madden Fouwheelin

Well I hope everyone else had a good weekend and a good Valentines day!


Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

I think your cousin's husband is freinds with my neighbors, I think I saw them over there a whil ago.

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

wow that video of madden is so cute!! and also i brought my check book to pay you for volleyball & totally forgot...and i brought the other turbo jame videos for you... i guess i was having too much fun & forgot so dont let me forget to pay you this weekend so you have some money for california!! woho!! thanks again for dinner! love ya tons.. oh and ps you look hot in the pic with david!!! and i love the purple shirt... sexy mama!

Anonymous said...

Looks like David is gettin' a little fresh in the picture! LOL...I love the video of Madden on his 4wheeler! That is too cute!We were looking at getting Danika one for her first birthday! That should get our two dogs up and runnin for the hills!

Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

Amanda you are so beautiful! I love Madden's spikey hair, so cute. We need to come your house next time we are down there. We come down atleast once a month.

dani said...

Sounds like a fun V-day! That video is hilarious. He's gettin so big! oh and your shirt is really cute.

Jaime Stephens said...

Very fun.. I love all of maddens pictures his eyes are beautiful!! I loved that video those things are so fun he was so funny on it!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, your little boy is ADORABLE! I love his hair. You look great, I love your Vday pic.

Taralee or Trace said...

I like your purpley-purple shirt! YOU ARE HOT! Sssssssizzle, sizzle. (That's me touching you and doing the burning sound!)
Madden is a pimp....fa sho! He'll be getting ladies left and right in that ride!
Looks like you had a good week. Catch ya later dude.

Nicole said...

Hey You look great!! Hot Mama! So We are moved down now dont be a stranger call me sometime I want to come see your house out there. Anyway Hopefully we talk soon

Ren & Anna said...

You look so pretty!! I love your shirt. You are SO TINY. How do you get that way AFTER having a baby? You look great!