Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick update... where oh where?... looking forward

QUICK UPDATE about our last week and weekend... we spent quite a bit of time in the car. I really don't know how David does it by commuting an hour to and from work. Last Friday I picked up David from work so that we could take Nash to a vet appointment. Boy that dog is growing fast and he is almost as big as Belle. He is such a cute puppy and such a good dog!
After the vet we went to Jesse and Alvins before meeting up with my parents for dinner at Olive Garden. Thanks pops for the great dinner and even better company!
(Madden on the way to dinner)

On Saturday I drove David to UOP so he could work for a few hours. While he was at work me and my sister Jesse (and Madden of course) went to watch my sister Kim play in a club volleyball tournament at South Mountain. It was so much fun to watch her play, and way different than watching High School ball. I am so proud of her! After that I picked up David and we headed on out to Glendale to spend a little time with his mom and grammy and to go to Uncle Pete and Aunt Kary's 50th anniversary. It was great to see all of them since we don't get to very often! On Sunday Nic and Jess came over for dinner and of course it was great to hang out with them.

WHERE OH WHERE? So... I know that it is very cliche to say that babies grow up so quickly and time goes by so fast... but it is SO true! It isn't the first and it won't be the last time that I say how crazy it is to think that my little Madden is almost a year old. He's getting so big and turning in to quite an adorable little boy. I just finished putting him to bed and tonight was one of the rare occasions in which he let me rock him to sleep. He usually just likes to be layed in his crib with a bottle and his rainforest light/music thing on. As I held him in my arms after he fell asleep I couldn't help but think about what an incredible blessing it is to have a child and to be a parent. I have grown up and learned so much from this little boy. And although I know I have a long ways to go, I like to think that I am somwhat of a better person because I am a mother. But anyway... back to what I was saying about Madden growing up so fast. Lately he has spent his days getting into things and making messes, and walking behind his little john deere thing.

He has gotten so good at walking behind it and has even occasionally let go to stand up on his own. He won't take any steps but he can stand up by himself for quite a long time.

I'm sure it wont' be much longer before he starts walking- maybe by his first birthday!

LOOKING FORWARD. Anyway... last thing... I have been thinking a lot lately about all the fun things I/we have coming up- and I just hope everything goes through. Here are some of the things we have going on for the next couple of months:
* Tenney Girls trip to California to see Wicked. This is part of my Christmas from my Grandma Tenney and David. I am SO excited to go with my mom, sisters, all my aunts and my Grandma to go to California and see Wicked in a couple of weeks. I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the much needed girls weekend. =)
* Play volleyball each week and hopefully make it to the tournament and take first. My goal for next season is to play in the competitive league!
* Madden's first birthday. This will be really special because not only is it Madden's first birthday but it will be the first birthday that I throw as a mom for her child. =)
* Go on a cruise to Mexico! My sister Jesse and brother in law Alvin have talked us in to going on a 7 day cruise with them down to Mexico in April. We'll leave from Cali and go to three different places in Mexico. I am so excited and hope everything works out cause David and I could really use a vacation! Anyone want to come with? =)


Taralee or Trace said...

Oh I ever want to come!!! Too bad we are broke as a joke. That will be really fun for you guys though. Mexico is always a good the cruise, EVEN BETTER!
Madden is so cute...and that isn't the first OR last time that I'll say that.
I miss you...and I'll say ONCE more, I wish I could play V-ball with you and everyone. How fun.
Thanks for the update! I love blogs, they are so great to keep in touch.

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

Wow, your puppy is getting big, how cute is he though, That is exciting you guys are going on a cruise, I am totally jelous

Nelson Family said...

Madden is getting really big. He probably will start walking soon. I wish Keely would. She will stand on her own for a while, and then when she realizes what she is doing, she will chicken out. I know she could, if she wanted, but she won't even try to walk. I love it when they fall asleep on you. It makes you feel like they are trying to tell you that they love you. It's so sweet. And ya, a cruise would be nice, too bad we are broke too.

dani said...

Ok, I have to say that i pretty much LOVE Wicked. I saw it when it came to Gammage last year and its amazing. You have to learn the soundtrack before you go like we did. Were nerds. Haha

Madden is adorable and getting so big! You are such a cute mommy.

Anonymous said...

Geez...Nash is HUGE from the last time you posted a picture! LOL...have you ever wondered who grows quicker...Nash or Madden? LOL...I can't believe Madden is almost a year now! My how time flies! Have you already started planning his party? What kind of theme are you doing?

Ren & Anna said...

I'm jealous, I'm dying to see Wicked! You'll have to let me know how it goes! Are you doing the Mexican Riviera cruise, like to Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, those places? You'll love it! It is so much fun!

Steven & Daniela said...

holy monkies madden is HUGE! :) what a cutie though! and i'm so sad i didn't get to meet nash! he's ADORABLE! looks like you've got SO MANY fun things planned! LUCKY! :)