Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thankful for a Prophet

I have been wanting to do a little post about this for a couple of days now, but am just getting the chance to sit down and write what has been on my mind. As everyone now knows, our beloved prophet of our church- Gordon B Hinckley passed away on Sunday. When I first heard the news I was surprised at how quickly my emotions took over and I began to cry. If you were to ask any of my old primary kids or activity day girls, they could all tell you how much I love President Hinckley and how every time I saw that sweet old man I would get a smile on my face.
I'm not very good at telling stories but I hope you'll bear with me as I try to tell you one that comes to mind at this time. When I was in the 6th grade- just 11 years old I had a crazy accident at school. When playing during recess one day, I was accidently pushed by a classmate, and fell to the groung in such an odd way that my left shoulder hit the side of my neck very hard. I blacked out for just a few seconds, but then went back to class and was ok. I remember noticing later that day that I had a small bump right below my left ear. Well... a day or so later I made the trip to Tucson to stay with my cousin Jamilyn since we had my visit planned for a while. When I got there, my condition worsened and I got pretty sick and the little bump on my neck turned into a very big lump that covered most the whole side of my left neck. I visited the hospital there and had a cat scan done and blood drawn (8 huge needles in the neck). There were two theories, that I had mono (cause I was tired all the time) and that I had cancer. Well... the main reason why I had gone to Tucson to visit was because President Hinckley was going to be there for a youth fireside and my cousin Jamilyn and I were going. Even though I didn't feel well, and was very embarassed by my neck, I still wanted to go. I can still remember sitting towards the back of the church, and standing up with all the other youth when the prophet walked in. I remember crying as I felt the spirit whisper that I was in the same place as a true prophet. I remember in the innocence of my youth, I thought that if I could just talk to President Hinckley and ask him- he could heal my neck. =) It was at this moment that I first gained a testimony of knowing that I belonged to a church that was led by a Prophet- a prophet that I knew was called of God. From that time on, every time I would hear him speak in conference or during a broadcast, I would always get that same feeling, the same thought that "I am hearing a prophet speak". Well to finish my story, after the youth fireside that day and after we got my test results back the cancer theory was ruled out and I went on medication till the lump went away. I will never forget that first time I saw and heard President Hinckley. He was the prophet for all of my teen and my adult life till now and I feel so grateful to him for his example, his teachings, his words of inspiration and love, and of course his many years of service.
This morning David turned on the funeral services and we were able to watch most of it. The talks given were all so great and it was wonderful to hear the great stories of his life. At the end of the service, the tabernacle choir sang and they played a slideshow of different pictures at different times in his life. And once again, as I listened to the music and looked at his face, I couldn't stop the tears as I knew I was looking at a prophet.
I love you Prophet Hinckley!


Anonymous said...

That is a great story and I think that everybody who ever has seen or heard him speak knows there was something so special about that man. He was a great person and a great prophet! He will definately be missed.

Jamilyn said...

That was the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. What an amazing experience and I'm so happy I was able to share it with you. Love you hunny!

The Austin Family said...

Great post for a great man!! We will all miss him. Hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love ya.

Ren & Anna said...

That is a really sweet story. I will really miss him!

Nicole said...

Hey Chicky! I remeber when that happened cause I cried forever when I talked to your mom and she said that it might be cancer. I was so scared I remember telling my mom I cant loose my best friend. I was so Happy when i got to tal to you and you told me that everything was fine and it wasnt cancer!!
What an awesome man Pres. Hinckley was!
Your little man is getting SOOO Big Coy turned 18 months old yesterday CRAZY!! Anyway call me sometime we will be moving down next weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda a story I remember well. What a great job retelling it. A very scary time, but what a great testimony you started from that time in your young life. I so clearly remember picking you and Jamilyn up from that fireside and how excited and blessed you both felt. I'm so proud of the wonderful woman you have become. I love you! Aunt Lorayne