Monday, March 3, 2008

Coming along...

We had a really good weekend this past week. On Friday morning Lonna and Cameron came over to say hello and they were nice enough to let me hitch a ride with them over to Tempe so that I could watch my little sister Kimi play some softball. She did really well and it was fun to watch her! I think the next best thing to playing the sports yourself is watching a family member play. =) It made me excited cause I recently got asked to play on a womens slow pitch softball league so I am really looking foward to that! Plus with volleyball still going on I am just loving it! Good thing I have such a great husband that is willing to watch Madden so that I can go do these things. Love you David!
Anyway... after I watched a couple of Kim's games David came and picked me up on his way home from work. We got to spend the rest of the day just hanging out together and having fun. I sure do love spending time with David.
On Saturday David spent all day outside working on the sprinkler system. We are again so grateful to his dad- Reed, for all his help and expertise and of course the useful tools that help us get stuff done in the yard. Here is what is coming along in the backyard:
Here is our grass area with the sprinklers in and working and horse crap spread all over- David will probably do the seed within the week:

Here is our garden area- we will probably finish planting this coming weekend. Right now we just have artichokes (on the right) and blackberries (to the left) planted:

Here is the passion fruit vine we planted. Not sure if we even like passion fruit but I thought it was pretty! =) And look at that Stud muffin sitting on the wall. =)

Here is Madden in his walker outside- being such a good boy while we worked in the yard:

On Saturday night Madden got babysatt for a couple of hours by his Aunt Jessica and Grandma Hall. Me and David went and ate at Chilis and then made a run to Home Depot. After we got home, we got together with Lonna and Cameron and Nic and Jessica and played some games. It sure was fun hanging out with them!
Cute little Ali- I think she looks just like Lonna:

Jessica giving Taya a piggy back ride:

On Sunday we made a quick trip to a nearby dog park to let our dogs play and to have a little picnic. It was a pretty nice day and the dogs loved it! Later that night Nic and Jessica came over again for dinner. We sure do love them and their little Taya!
Madden at the park. He LOVES to push the stroller around everywhere:

Cute little Taya:

Madden and Taya playing before bedtime:

On a side note, Madden is walking around everywhere. I can't believe how quick he was to just try to walk around, I thought he would be scared of falling but that isn't the case. He is getting so big! I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Jamilyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I cant wait till we are living close to you so we can come hang out and see you! Yeah we upgraded to a bigger lot but not as big as yours! You'll have to go see it and tell me the progress! Sorry but Nope I'm no telling what dress I got! Love you though

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

You're backyard is going to look awesome, I am glad to see you are planting some things, like blackberries,my favorite... I hope they grow!!! We still need to get together sometime !

Taralee and Trace said...

You look like a giant blueberry!

Ha ha. Well, your yard is looking good. I especially love the cow manuere! How fun is that! I bet you can't wait to have Madden rollin around in it! :)
I love Madden's hair due! What a stud. Brody only wishes that he had that much hair! Taya and Ali are sure cute little ladies. Too bad they are Madden's kind of cousins!
Alright, have fun and stuff.

Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

Your yard is going to look so nice when you get it all finished. Madden is going to love that grass! That is so crazy that he is walking, next he will be running and you wont be able to keep up with him. Ha. I can barely keep up with Deagan. It is fun wathcing them grow up though, happens fast! Well, we miss you guys... hopefully we will see you soon. Love ya.

jes said...

hey amanda this is jesica (brewer) williams.. i just wanted to say hi and that i love reading about your little family! madden is a such a cutie! love the name too. i'm adding you to my links (if that ok with you) so i don't have to keep going to someone else to reach yours.. come check out our fam-
take care..

Anonymous said...

I love Madden's mohawk! LOL...he's such a cutie! Don't you just love to do outside work?!?! Makes it feel more like home!

Karleen said...

As you can see I have been looking at your blog too. I got it off of Jessicas. Your house is so cute. I wish I lived close so I could play with you I do not know anyone up here so I never get to play except for co-ed softball.--Cute Fam! Karleen

Nelson Family said...

That is so fun that Madden is walking. He will be one in like a month huh? Wow does the time fly. Keely started walking 2 weeks ago. I love it. I am jealous that you got to see Lonna. I have't seen her in forever. Sounds like you guys had fun.