Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun Filled Week

We had lots of fun this past week- and it all started last Tuesday night when my family came down from Heber for the kids Spring Break. We always love having family and friends visit! Wendesday morning started with the kids playing their Wii that they brought with them. Madden had fun helping Uncle Chace win.

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon at Amazing Jakes- and because of my great coupon finding skills we were able to have lots of fun for the least amount of money (since that place can get expensive fast). We ate the buffet, played arcade games, and had lots of fun.
Madden with his Aunt Emma- waiting in line at Amazing Jakes:

Madden riding on the safari truck:

Madden doing 'dance dance revolution' with Papa T and Aunt Emma:

After amazing Jakes we went to Brunswick bowling (used some more coupons) and bowled a few games. Madden had been such a good boy all day, but I decided to take him home after about an hour so he could take a nap.
Here is me and my little guy waiting outside the bowling place:

Doesn't my mom look HOT! =) (this was the best pic I could get of her since she avoids camera's).

Here's my little bro Trey- I can't believe how grown up he's getting:

Papa T and Madden:

Madden liked to play with the bowling balls:

After bowling the family went and spent some time with Alvin and Jesse before coming back to our place to stay the night. We played the Wii (which I'm so glad there weren't any pics taken cause I know I looked ridiculous), and played some cards. The next morning we were only able to spend a few hours together before the family went home. We had lots of fun with them- we love you guys!
Here is Madden and Aunt Kimi before they had to leave:

Here are a few other highlights of our past week.
Aunt Kimi went to Hawaii for volleyball and she brought Madden back this cute outfit:

Madden giving us his cheesy cute smile:

It is getting so warm here so whenever we are outiside- we try to do something with water! Here is Madden playing for the first time in the little pool we bought at wal-mart:

Dad thought it was funny to give Madden the hose and then turn it on high so it would splash him in the face. Mean... but so funny. =)

We also had a fun time at Nic and Jessica's having a BBQ with them and a few of their friends. Madden was surrounded by 4 of the cutest little girls (all under 2) and he was the only boy! I wish I would have gotten pictures.
We went over to Grandpa and Grandma Halls and had fun playing in their backyard (which is so gorgeous). The Jacuzzi was nice and warm so Madden had fun playing with dad in it.

Madden also had fun playing with Nash in the grass:

In other news... Madden turns ONE in just 6 days (crazy!)... Jessica and I have started lifting together (so be on the lookout for some hot bodies soon to come) =)... David got chosen to go to Top Performers again for UOP (good job honey!)... and our volleyball team started the competitive league last week and kind of got our butts kicked (it was still fun though and I know we'll get better)!
I hope everyone else is doing great!


ron&melz said...

Thanks so much for the GREAT family fun and for putting us all up at your place. Gets pretty crazy with a crew our size!! Appreciate your help in getting us coupons etc. Every little bit helps! Give that baby a squeeze for us - can't wait to see you all up our way this weekend. Love-MOM

Anonymous said...

HAHA...I would have loved to see your dad on DDR! LOL that had to be pretty funny to watch! I'm in complete awe when I see your pictures of Madden. He is getting so big and so is Nash! My gosh what happen to your adorable little puppy? LOL...hard to say which grows up quicker, the baby or the puppy!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Now I know why you weren't at church. MUHAA!! jk! Madden was big pimping Saturday night though!! haha! We enjoyed having you over!! ALWAYS FUN WITH THE HALLS!! anyway love you guys. PS MADDEN IS GETTING CUTER EVERY DAY!! and you hair is SEXY!!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

I agree with Jessica, your hair does look " sexy ' very cute! Good job Jessica

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is almost 1! I remember going over there right after you guys got home and it does not feel like a year ago! He is so cute in the pool- I almost bought Jaxon one the other day and didn't and have regreted it ever since! Next time I am at the store I am buying one! Then we can be outside and not fry! Glad you had a good weekend with your familyand go to do so much fun stuff! And we will be there this Saturday for Maddens birthday- can't wait! It has been way too long!

Anonymous said...

And I meant to say not this weekend but next weekend! And what does Madden like and what do you guys need for him? Anything? Let us know so we can get something for him that he will actually like!

Jamilyn said...

looks like you all had a great weekend. madden is getting so grown up i cant believe it! im happy to see everything is going well! Love you

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Wow! It looks like you were busy last week. More importanly, it looks like you had a great time. Don't you love spending time with family? Happy soon-to-be birthday to Madden!

jes said...

i had a cousin come home from a mission, and the only place we could think of to go that was big enough for our family was amazing jakes! haha we were there thursday though..

Nicole said...

Hey sounds like you had fun When ever my Family comes down it takes me a week to get the house cleaned and back to they way it was haha. your hair is cute I am getting ready to put blonde back in my hair but I have been putting it off cause I need a tan haha. Hey we need to get together soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that David made it to Top Performers! Congrats. Madden looks like he has such a fun personality. He is always smiling! Glad you guys had a good weekend.

The Fish Family said...

Amanda you are so gorgeous! It looks like you all had a ton of fun. I love hanging out with my family except my boys get so dang spoiled and it takes them a while to adjust back to the everyday life of not being treated like rock stars!! Next time I am in the valley we are going to get together because I am missing you like crazy!! Talk to you later.

Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

Looks like Madden is loving the warm weather. We need to get him and Deagan together. Your hair is dang cute, I love the blonde. Love you guys.