Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Fix

This past Tuesday I was able to babysitt for my good friends Fred and Caroline Crum so that they could go out for their anniversary. I hadn't seen them in forever and it was the first time I got to see their BEAUTIFUL little girl- Landie. I had such a good time babysitting- even though she did just sleep most of the time. There is just something about a newborn that is so precious! Look at how cute she is:

Needless to say Madden wasn't too sure about the whole baby thing and was quite jealous and mad when I sat down to feed her her bottle and wouldn't let him climb in my lap.
Anyway... in other news I've had a couple people ask me how I like coupon sense. Well last night was the first time I really put it to the test and went shopping for a bunch of stuff. There were some good sales at Fry's and Bashas so I just went to those two store. I got a few things for free at Fry's which made me happy. All in all I spent $93.90 and saved $93.85. Of course most of these saving were mainly from the products were on sale but I saved an extra $15 using my coupons. I thought I did pretty good for a first timer. =)


Jaime Stephens said...

cute little baby. I have a friend who does that coupon thing and loves it i always forget coupons so I can't even go there but nice work on the savings!

Karleen said...

I have gone private so if you want to be invited e-mail me your address. I lost it last time sorry.

Taralee and Trace said...

Caroline's baby is SO darn cute. Ah, I love her. So sweet. I want a little girl.
Way to go on your savings. I need to give it a whirl. Oh and I meant to say this a while ago...but I really like your background. Go Mustangs!! ;)
I love that picture of you with curly/wavey hair holding Madden. YOu are so hot...sooooo HOT..want to touch the hiney.
I'm sorry did my pin get in the way of your A@#? Do me a favor and lose 5 lbs or get out of my office LIKE NOW!!!
NO Todd not now. But sir, it's Balstien.
Tell me something good.
(You know you love it!)

Nicole said...

how sweet their little baby is so cute. I love her little cheeks! So I tried cupon sense before because I have an aunt you does it religiously and does very well with it I kind of gave up on it while we lived in Heber. It was hard for me cause when you finally make time to drive into showlow you mostly need to go to walmart too and then after that you dont have time to go to safeway or anywere else and walmart doenst participate. Maybe I should start doing it again?? Sorry I didnt get your call or text the other night Jake and I went to the Temple at 6:30 and we didnt get out till it was too late to go play with you guys. what are you up to this week?