Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Weekend

We went up north last Friday to spend the weekend with my family. David and I hadn't been up there since Christmas so it was an overdue trip. There was so much going on that it would be way too long of a post to do a day by day breakdown so I'm just going to do the highlights of the trip!
On the trip up Madden was entertaining me by putting his foot in and out of his mouth. He thought it was hilarious to hear mom say 'Ewww!!'.

My dad planned a fishing trip so me, david, alvin, jesse, my dad and little bro chace went to Chevlon lake. We drove about 20 minutes on some back roads (which made me reminisce of high school and how we would just go drive out in the woods on nights when we had nothing else to do). Then we unloaded the quads and went on a 15 minute ride to where we then had to do a 20 minute hike down into the lake. Oh have I mentioned that David bought a quad? Ya... he got it last week and he's pretty happy about his new toy.

Anyway... to get to the lake was a lot of work but well worth it- the lake is BEAUTIFUL!
The group on the hike in.

Alvin was the first to catch a fish.

It was funny watching Jesse catch fish cause she would scream. =) And then Alvin would get made that she wouldn't take the hook out herself. haha.

My amazing dad.

David with his first fish- boy he sure is cute!

Me on the hike out (don't laugh at the hair).

We all caught at least 3 fish- so it was great fishin!
Friday night we went out to grandpa tenney's ranch and grilled hamburgers, played ping pong and scattergories- which Alvin & Jesse won in both (which do you guys really think silly sam should count as two for a 'nickname'?).
Saturday I went with Kim to have her senior pictures taken. Kim is so gorgeous! She had them taken by Kristal Mulder (who is also gorgeous, and so much fun!) who takes awesome pictures. You can see some of the pics on her blog- she even took some of me, kim, and jess.
Sunday was spent eating some great food and watching conference- and playing conference Bingo. Oh and this is what happens to young boys when they sleep during conference. (Kim painting Chace's nails).

And of course I can't forget one of the most important things this weekend... my baby turned ONE! It was his birthday on Sunday and yes I know it is cliche but I can't believe it has already been a year! Time goes by so fast. Here are a few pics from the little party we had for him.
I made an Elmo cake for the occasion and although I was really worried he was going to turn out pink and the whole cake would be ruined... I thought the final product was pretty good for a first timer.

Madden was pretty chill at the start of his party.

But he got pretty mad when we all started singing and staring at him. =)

Here he is diggin into his cake... yum!

Sharing some cake with dad.

Such a mess!

He got some cool presents- here he is with a book he got... he loves books.

My little brother Trey and cousin Noble were baptized on Monday.

It was such a great baptism and I was really touched watching him be baptized and seeing my brother Chace do it.

And of course it was great to see lots of family that I don't get to see very often!
I was also able to do two crafts this weekend that I LOVE and are my favorite so far. Here is the family sign I made.

THis one will have a family picture in the middle of it.

I am thinking about trying to maybe do some of these crafts and selling them to people who want them. I love making stuff like this.
Anyway... it was a great weekend and I had such a great time. Thanks so much to my grandad and grandma for letting us crash at their place for most of the trip. They are so amazing and I have such a great time staying with them. I honestly think I have the greatest grandparents ever. Thanks again grandad for helping us out with our crafts! And thanks to Aunt Jolene for getting all the craft stuff together and for hanging out with me. =) Oh and Riley thanks for driving me and Madden back down to the valley- you're the greatest!


Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

That was seriously the funnest fishing trip. i so want to go back there. Oh and funny story. We went to grandmas after the baptism to pick up my family sign..I told alvin what one was mine and he was like uhhh i like that one better (pointing to YOURS!!!) i thought that was pretty funny. Yours turned out soooo cute! way better than mine did. im still stumped on what to do on the other one... i need my big sis to help me out....

Matt & Ash said...

Your family sign is so cute! I may have to steal that idea if you don't mind! I think you could totally make these things and sell seem pretty crafty to me! Oh and Madden's cake was so cute! Kids really do grow up too fast!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

such cute crafts, seriously... my email address is

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

oh ya you should totally sell stuff... if you go to you can make a little shop for your self.. check it out

Taralee and Trace said...

Looks like a great weekend in H-town. Fishin looks like a blast!! Your poppa is coming up here this to join him??? :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Madden. I can't believe it's been a whole year. That is crazy. He is SO cute.
I love the cake you made him. It turned out so cute. YOu are amazing. I'm really liking the craft stuff too.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Madden! I was thinking about him the other day and then it hit me that he had turned 1 last Sunday! WOW...doesn't feel like it's been that long! Very cute cake by the way. He didn't look TOO messy!

Nicole said...

Holy Cow you Guys were busy but arent those like the best weekends when you get to see everyone I love them!!! Madden is getting soo big I cant believe it we really need to get together SOON!! Kim is so dang cute I seem to always run into her when I am in Heber and I just think to myself little kimmy I cant believe how gorgeous she is well I can cause duh so are her big sisters but yeah I just cant beleive how old we are getting!!

Kristal said...

Hey, I made those family boards last year. I'm soo tired of them, I made way too many, but I just found out 2 days ago that they want me to do them for Super Saturday next month...blah! Your kid is soo freaking cute! one year olds are the cute, and the perfect size to hold, and they still like to cuddle a bit. I'm nervous mine turns 2 next month, then the demon kicks in. I love the picture of him on the sides with the tie on and the big chubby grin! Hey, it was great to see you this weekend, you and your sisters are a photographers dream. It was fun! Now if my lame brain husband (I'm mad at him today, just let me go with it) can remember to take the CD's up to his Snowflake office for your mom to get! Ha, wow, a novel. Done!

Kristal said...

Ok, I forgot...Jason...Jase...that's my huabnd...put it on the side so I don't look like the sad 28 year old single girl with kids...or Mulder family so I look like I have a happy family (though we all know I don't today! blah!) Um, and how do you know Cayla and Greg? They're great! I'm a little mad at them still for beating us in the vball competition, but theyr'e great!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Madden! This past year really went so fast! I love that he cried when you sang to him! That is so cute! And your cake looks awesome! Your other crafts do too by the way! Sounds like you guys had a good weekend! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

The Fish Family said...

I miss you so dang much!! We have got to connect one of the times that we are both up visiting our families. I saw some of the pictures that Kristal took on her blog and you are all so gorgeous!! Congrats on Madden's birthday! Time does fly because I can't believe that I have a 2 year old and a 17 month old. They are crazy but I wouldn't be me without them. Anyway, talk to ya later! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your crafts, they turned out so cute! Id totally buy one if you were to sell them. Looks like you had a great time in the mountains & Happy Birthday Madden, he is such a doll!!

Hanna & Mike said...

AMANDA! wow i havent talked to you in forever! I am starting to get the hang of this blog thing and came across have the cutest family ever! Your son is adorable. Well i saw your little signs and think you should make me some! ha-ha but seriously you should. Well get back to me if you want! Take care Hanna (Dewitt) McCabe

Vonda said...

Your pictures are adorable that Kristal took of you girls. Mel and I must have dones something right to end up with such great, beautiful daughters! I bet the birthday was a blast for that first grandbaby and the fishing makes me want to take my family up north and grab a pole. Love your family!

Jaime Stephens said...

Happy birthday to Madden! He is soo cute I love is big smile and his beautiful eyes the cake turned out very cute nice work! I also love your crafts.. What an eventful weekend and looks like so much fun. Savannahs hair is actually getting lighter it's the chocolate frosty in it that makes it look darker haha..