Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cute and Funny

So any mom knows that kids can do the cutest and funniest things. I just wanted to share the latest cute/funny thing that Madden has started to do. Here is the video:
Madden talking on the phone

He loves trying to talk on the phone and will using most anything as a telephone (toys, remote controls...)- I think it is so cute!


Matt, Katie & Jayden said...

That is so stinking cute. I can't wait for Jayden to talk like that. Oh I'm jealous.

Nicole said...

Haha I remember when Cory would do that Its soo funny watching them figure out new things now that cory is almost two he has been getting this little attitude and there are days when I am like were did my sweet little baby go? I want another one!!! Madden is so cute and getting so big! i havent seen him forever!!

The Fish Family said...

Adorable!! I love that stage when they are so sweet and innocent. Then they take the talking on the phone thing to a whole new level when they decide to start calling people on their own when you are not paying attention. Like when you are trying to visit with your grandmother and they call 911 just to spice things up a bit. Love it!! And yes, that is a true story!! Hope you have a great week, talk to you later!

Anonymous said... cute!

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

madden is so cute!!! i just love him to death... its going to be so cute when he can start talking then he can call aunt Jesse all he wants!! i dont like it when he just calls me and hangs up on me!