Monday, April 14, 2008

A Look Back and Madden's Party

I just got home from taking Madden to his one year check-up with his pediatrician and here are his current stats. He is 30 1/2" in height, and he weighs 23 pounds 7 ounces! These are some of Madden's favorite things: mini m&m's, playing in water (tub or swimming pool), talking on the phone, playing with Belle & Nash, swinging, chasing dad around the house, cheese cubes, pushing/pulling stuff around and lots more. Some of his dislikes: getting shots at the doctor, being told no, getting dressed, and getting lotion put on.
Here are 12 of my favorite pictures from the past 12 months:
April 07

May 07

June 07

July 07

August 07

September 07

October 07

November 07

December 07

January 08

February 08

March 08

April 08

That last picture was the day of Madden's birthday party that we had here at our home in Queen Creek this past Saturday. Big thanks to everyone who came! It was great to see family and friends that we don't get to see very often. Here are some pics from the party:
A couple of the guests- Madden's Grandma Hall and Grammy

Grandpa Hall putting together one of Madden's presents

This isn't a very clear picture but it is the best one I have of Shawn and Sharla's little girl Keely- she is SO CUTE!

Here is Jason and Courtney's adorable little boy Jaxon- Look at those cheeks!

Me and David being amused by Madden digging into his cake:

Madden and mom right before he got put in the tub:

Well sorry that was a long post with lots of pictures but since I'm going to be printing this off into a book someday I don't want to leave anything out!


Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

That last picture of you guys with cake all over him is so adorable! I love it. He is such a cutie, it was great finally getting to spend some time with you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Madden and David...very sweet! Madden wears his cake very well! Did he share? LOL...and you look AMAZING *as always*! It's hard to believe it's been a year now! So crazy!

kristal said...

FREAKING ADORABLE!!!! (again, I love the pic of him in the tie! Whatta stud!)

Aunt Tiff said...


I can hardly believe that he is a year old...where does all the time go? Are you ready for another one yet:) You guys are amazing...keep up the great work!!!

love Aunt Tiff

Nicole said...

Love this post Amanda!! You guys made a cute Kid!!!! You look so good your hair is way cute I cant believe he is already one!! I am glad we all have Blogs So that we can at least see eachothers kids grow up kind of you know. So I like your idea about printing off your blog? Tell me more...

Jaime Stephens said...

Love the post madden is precious! He weighs more than Savannah I love it how funny, I just starting editing my book I am so excited!

Matt and Jessica said...

Hey Amanda! It was so good to hear from you! I can't believe first of all you're married and have a one year old. It makes me feel very old because I used to babysit you and Jesse! You look great and so happy. You'll have to teach me how you stay so stinkin skinny after I have my baby!! You asked where we are in Queen Creek. We actually live in San Tan Heights off if Hunt and Gary. Tell everyone I said hi! Keep in touch.

Taralee and Trace said...

First off...Amanda, you should eat something. YOu look like you are about to whither away! :) You look so good.
I love this post. I can't believe it has been a whole year...AND I'VE ONLY SEEN HIM ONCE!! Sad, but true. :(
Happy birthday to Madden!!

Toni S. Cook said...

Oh my goodness he is SO cute!! I cant believe I still haven't met him! You guys are such a cute little family, I hope we get to see you again soon. AND I love your hair....time to change mine:)

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