Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random things- nothing too exciting

There hasn't been too many exciting things going on in the Hall house lately... so this is just a little post of some of the random things we've been up to lately.
*Remember how I did a post a while back about trying to get into the whole running thing? Well ya... that lasted about two weeks before I gave up (once again). I guess it's just not my thing. So anyway... I've decided to try a new, and not so stylish type of exercising. Rollerblading! I busted out my old rollerblades from the attic and the last week I've gone almost every day. Madden loves being rolled around in his stroller. Here are my wicked sweet blades (don't be jealous):

This is Madden when I got home from our first blading trip. Oh and I've decided that I can't go blading anytime after 7:30 am or before 6:30 pm otherwise it just gets too dang hot!

* We met up with my dad and sister Kim last week to spend a little time with them while they were down here for the evening. We ate at Oreganos (yum) and Madden had fun listening to Aunt Kimi's music. Oh and Kim officially signed her letter of intent with Chandler Gilbert Community College so she will be playing volleyball there! And she will also most likely be living with us for the summer! Yay!

* I started doing coupon sense with the hopes of saving lots of money. It sure is nice to have something that tells me where the best sales are. Hopefully it will all be worth it and I can save lots of money on groceries!

* Madden's hair is getting SO long. I'm getting tempted to buzz it again, but I also want to let it grow out.

* Last week I went to Target to get a little gift for a friend's little boy who was turning one. They had (what I thought to be) the cutest little shirts on sale. I know I recognize the characters from somewhere- either a cartoon or a book- from when I was little. Can anyone help me out as to who these characters are? For the present I got one that said Mr. Mischeif, but then I just had to go back and get some for Madden so he got one that says Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Funny. I love these shirts!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week so far!


Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

im still mad i didnt get to eat the pizza cookie at Oreganos that i paid for... seriously how long does it take to make one... and i totally remember reading those books at the local library with the shapes. they were my favorite! oh and i printed off coupons online and saved an extra 10 bucks lastnight. i cant wait till i get a whole bunch of coupons and save even more! yay for coupon sense..
and that Madden is so dang cute. those shirts look like something Alvin would wear.

Nicole said...

Haha how cute are those t's I remember them too but i cant think of what they were called either sorry I am no help. oh and yes I am jaleous of your sweet blades! Do you remember when we would always go roller blading at the high school or Capps haha good times usullly something would end up on the gym roof cause of frieken Randon, like a shoe! Good Times! Oha nd cute blog like the change.

Aunt Tiff said...

Madden is getting way to big!!! He is so adorable! Morgon loves looking at his pics. Love you guys!

Aunt Tiff

Anonymous said...

I love your blades, wish I could find a pastime that consisted of exercise! Madden is so dang cute, I love his hair, and Kimi is beautiful, just like all you girls! How fun to have her living with you for the summer, Im jealous, I want family close!! As for the shirts, they are books, or were books back in the day, Mr. Men and Little Miss series. They now have a cartoon on tv, I saw it the other day while flipping channels. Halle has the Little Miss Bossy book, its written by Roger Hargreaves, in case you wanted to look at them in the library some day to relive the past :)

Jaime Stephens said...

I saw a guy rollerblading today I had to smile and and I thought I need to pull my rollerblades out. That is crazy that it is too hot there hmm... Those shirts are so cute and Madden is such a cutie

JaredandKatie said...

I saw your blog from Jessie's, hope you don't mind. You have such a beautiful family!! That's neat that you are doing CouponSense. I'be done it for about 3 years and absolutley LOVE it. I have this HUGE binder I take to the store. I probably look like a big nerd, but oh well!!
~Katie (Davis) Meredith

kristal said...

Don't cut Madden's hair!!! I go into a depression for a few days EVERYTIME I cut Boston's hair! Don't do it! Um, and I AM jealous of your wicked sweet blades! We used to go rollerblading all the time, but now with the millions of kids we have we have to bike, with one kid on the back, one on the seat in the front, and luckily Jaden can ride a bike and keep up. I guess we coudl shove em in the jogger. Anyway, LMK how you like coupon sense! I wanna do it.

Anonymous said...

K I LOVE rollerblading! I have wanted to go and get me some for so long but have you seen how expensive they are new? I just need to get me some old ones because I would go all the time! It is a great workout too so good job! And I love those shirts too, he is so cute in them! And let me know how you like Coupon Sense. Jason's mom tried to teach me how to do it without signing up and I am not saving as much as I would want to, but Jason doesn't think I need to sign up because his mom can do it! So let me know cuz I want to sign up!

Vonda said...

I was the biggest coupon sense girl about 7 years ago and my pantry was full to the top. I did alot of dumpster diving for coupons too. Do you do sister savings too? If not, its on my links under zsistersavings. When Kim comes down, we are having you all out (and Garrett and Amy, and the Pease family) for a swim/bbq. Im so glad she's gonna play for CGCC. Post her schedule when you get it. LoVe the baby mohock pictures - too cute.

Jamilyn said...

Hey hunny - you know we are going to be the roller bladding queens of the neighborhood!! love you tons