Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sisters make the best friends...

So I just wanted to do a quick little post to say Happy Birthday to my now 18 year old sister! =) Kimi's birthday was yesterday but I had to give her a quick shout out and list 18 awesome things about her.
1. She is so funny and can always make you laugh.
2. She has great taste (I just wish I could fit into her clothes!)
3. She has a great testimony and is always trying to do what's right.
4. She is sweet and always thinks about others.
5. She is an awesome aunt to my little Madden.
6. She makes a great babysitter. =)
7. She is athletic and is good at pretty much whatever she does.
8. She is considerate.
9. She is my inspiration to get a smokin hot bod (you should see her muscles).
10. She is so smart.
11. She is most always happy and in a good mood.
12. She is very talented.
13. She is a great example to me and my younger sisters.
14. She is so beautiful.
15. She has a great personality and is fun to be around.
16. She is a great role model.
17. She is helpful.
18. She is an awesome friend and sister!
Love you Kimi!


Hanna & Mike said...

Okay first of all your son is absolutly adorable! He is such a cutie!! When are you two planning to have another one!? Anyways, I got your comment and boy oh boy would I love to play volleyball with you!! Im serious...you better still have the offer out after the new baby arrives! I need to get my fat you know what in shape as soon as possible and volleyball is a great work out!! Plus its the best sport ever! You, Jess and me should get together sometime. It would be great to see you two. Well get back to me.. love ya girlie

Nicole said...

I love Kim she is so freiken gorgeous just like her big sisters I saw jessicas post for her Birthday too I love her senior pictures I wish I could look hot in pictures hehe:) Happy Birthday Kim. Kim being 18 reminds me that my sweet (punk) little brother Keith is 18 too!! I cant belive it. Amanda we are getting old!!! Remeber how in love keith used to with kim (I think he still is he just wont admit it haha)

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

i totally agree with Hanna that we all should get together and have a girls night out!!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

You 3 are so beautilful

Taralee and Trace said...

Happy Birthday Kim! She is awesome. I just love her.
AND HOLY WOW!! You guys are so hot! I love the picture of her in her boots. SO cute. I'm definately jealous.

Hanna & Mike said...

Well my due date is the 23rd of August. Im not sure how the whole city league thing works, such as time and dates and what not...but I DEFFINATLY want to play whenever! We live in Scottsdale right now, but we are planning to buy our first home in Gilbert come next month!!

dani said...

Cute pictures!! You guys are adorable. Thats so funny that our sisters are like 2 days apart, she just had her 18th bday on the 26th. Love your background, by the way.