Monday, April 28, 2008

Two Little Monkeys...

This past weekend I took Madden to Tucson to go to Stratton's birthday party (Stratton is the son of my cousin Jami). The party was so great and Madden had such a blast. It started at the zoo (I've never been to any other zoo but I LOVE the Tucson zoo) where Jami had scheduled a class for everyone to go to that let us see and pet some of the tiny animals. There was an iguana, a turtle, and then I really can't even remember the names of the other two. But anyway the class was on the second floor of a building that was right next to one of the monkey exhibits, so there were monkeys sitting right outside the window. Here is my little monkey checking out the zoo monkey. =)

He's having so much fun!

Madden at the polar bear exhibit- this is my favorite animal! The polar bear was swimming right along the glass, it was so cool!

Here are the kids... the birthday boy is in the middle... and look at the cute girl in the giraffe print dress... SO CUTE!

Madden checking out the giraffe.

He got to get up close to the Tiger who was taking a nap right next to the glass.

After the zoo we went to my Aunt Loraynes for some great food and company. It was so great to be there- it had been SO long and it brought back a lot of fun memories (I lived there the summer after I graduated). Jami and my aunt took more pictures so maybe I'll post more when I get them.
What did everyone else do this past weekend?
Oh and in other news I started a website to sort of market some of the crafts I'm selling. Please pass the word along if you know of anyone that would be interested in having any crafts made for their home! The website is
I hope everyone is doing great!


Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

Hey!! Cute pics from the Zoo I love the picture of him with all the "Big Kids" its so funny once they know how to walk how big they think they are! Gotta Love it!! So I checked out your little home made for you site super cute!! That will be a fun way to pick up some extra cash eh??

Nicole said...
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Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

Madden is so dang cute. i love these pics of him.
The website you made is way cute, i love the MUSIC blocks you did & the piano looks great black.
also are you going to kims game on friday?

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

How fun you got to go to the Zoo! I have been wanting to take Porter for so long, and now I feel like I had missed my chance, since its so dang hot already. I havent been to the Tucson Zoo in years, but I remember that I used to like it growing up. How cute is Madden with his little spikey mohawk! And the picture of you and you sisters...beautiful. Your dad must have had a heck of a time with all of you guys being so dang hott!! =)

Anonymous said...

THat looks like so much fun! I would love to take Jaxon to the zoo but I think it is getting too hot now- more for me! haha. THat is so cute he loves all the animals! And the baby you babysat is so cute! I love newborns too- but I understand why most people say they love them most when they are somebody elses and they get to go home! haha. She is precious though!

Vonda said...

What crafts do you make? Did you see the craft boutique in my neighborhood tomorrow? Come!

Kim is such a doll. I have always admired how sweet she was to Kayla, making her feel so comfortable when we would come for the fourth. I really hope they can get together down here and I LOVE the pictures - Kristal's awesome with photography, ecspecially when she has models to work with.