Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Few Conclusions

So I have come to a few conclusions these past couple of weeks.
First of all... as I read the comments that many left regarding my previous post about playing softball... I came to the conclusion that way too many of you live too far away from me. I mean honestly... you all just need to pack up and move out to Queen Creek. There's lot of great houses for sale! =)

My second conclusion is that David and I need to have more alone time. As I mentioned before David's top performers was last weekend and it was SO nice to be able to get away (even if it was to just scottsdale) and stay in an amazing resort and just be able to spend quality time together. (Not to mention the fact that what made it way awesome was that it was free). We had a great time hanging out by the pool, going out to dinner, and watching 'What happend in Vegas' (which we both liked). Thanks grandpa & grandma hall and aunt jessica for watching Madden for us so we could do this!

I came to my third conclusion when I decided to bust out my work out videos- the conclusion that I feel so much better about myself when I've worked out. I'm one of those women that have about 15 workout videos, half of which have been done only a few times and the other half I forgot I even had. So I am now determined to put my 'The Firm' workout videos to good use (which David feels the need to constantly remind me that we paid good money for). I've done really well the last two weeks, and I do have to say that I really do love these workouts- by far my favorite of any I've tried.

My final conclusion at this time is that I have become way too obsessed with coupon sense, good deals, and just coupons in general. I know... this can maybe be considered a good thing but I find it kind of sad that I REALLY look forward to getting Sunday's paper and going through the coupons. And I really like going on to coupon sense and seeing what great deals are going on. Great deal for this week... go to this website and register: You will get to print out 5 coupons for $1 off of fast fixin chicken. The chicken is on sale at Fry's so you will get it for free!
Oh and check out this flamin hot swim..... thing Madden got. =) He's so cute!


Nicole said...

K I have came to the conclusion that You live to far away too! Hopefully when we get more permanent in the next year or so and buy a house it will be closer to yous side of town:) oh and this is so funny Jake bought me the FIRM too forever ago and he always says to me when he sees my steppy thing... now remind me why I bought that for you?? haha

Taralee and Trace said...

You inspire me to do my work out video. I should get the Firm. I just have Pilates...but I need that black Drill Sargeant from Gold's Gym to kick my butt on a daily basis. (I used to get so pissed at her...)
Also, we ARE going to be in H-town for the 4th. You better be there. Also: INVITATION- Dear Madden,
Would you please come to my first birthday party.
Your Pal,
Somewhere between Heber and Show Low on July 1st, 2008 (will call for more details!)

Jamilyn said...

well before you know it you'll have one more friend/favorite cousin! living right down the street from you! i cant wait its going to be great. I guess the House should be done sometime in July!!!!! WoW so quick. cant wait to see you. Love you

Jaime Stephens said...

NIce conclusions and those Pjs are awesome!! I wish I was good at coupons, I am good at cutting them and then forgetting them everytime I leave the house.... YOur craft website is very cute!

Vonda said...

Jamilyn - I wanna go onto your blog - let me on - please - I know Im missing all you cute wedding stuff.

Amanda,I loved this post and all your cute conclusions. Ive been thinking about starting a good deal blog that everyone can post on so none of us miss these good deals. Like today I went to buy a webkins (latest kid craze) and at certain Hallmarks if you buy one you get one free! Then at Target they have marshmellow/hotdog roaster that are collapsable for a buck (anywhere else Ive seen them they are about 4 bucks a peice) I get way excited too. What do you think about the "good deal blog"?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your stay at that hotel out in Scottsdale! I need to do that so bad- it seems so nice! And those look like good workout videos! I love any kind of aerobics!

danni & steve said...

madden is big!! :) had we stayed in AZ, we would've ended up in queen creek. *sigh* :) things look like they're going great! hope to see your little family in a couple of weeks!!