Monday, May 5, 2008

A weekend on the road & Recent Pictures

Well we were pretty busy this past weekend. David took work off on Friday so that we could go to the Temple. Our good friend Monique watched Madden for us which really helped us out. We were at the Temple for about 2 hours then stopped and grabbed a bite to eat, rented a movie, and made a quick shopping trip to Safeway before we came home. We watched 'Dan In Real Life' that night and I thought it was a pretty good movie. On Saturday David woke up early to go riding with his dad and then we left as soon as he got back to make the trip over to Phoenix to watch my sister Kim play in the State Softball tournament. Unfortunately her team lost but they played well and had a good season. Now Kim is done with high school sports and will have to concentrate on college volleyball. Madden loved being outside and pretty much ate a whole 'bullet' popsicle by himself. After her game we went a little further into Phoenix to go visit David's Grammy. Since they live so far away we don't get to go over there as often as we'd like so it was really good to see her. After that visit we headed over to Scottsdale to David's other grandma's for a little get-together with some family and friends. Overall it was a really good weekend and it was so nice to get to spend it with family. I do have to say though that I am so excited for this weekend... Madden is going to get babysatt by Grandma Hall on Friday so that I can go with David to his Top Performers weekend for work. I'm looking forward to staying at a really nice resort and hanging out by the pool!
Anyway... I also want to post some of our recent pictures.
I babysatt Taya last week and put her and Madden in the bath. They had so much fun playing together... look at those smiles!

Madden has two more bottom teeth coming in... he sure does like showing off the ones he already has.

Here is Madden at Kimi's softball game trying on Aunt Maryssa's sunglasses.

I still have yet to cut his hair and it is getting so long. This is the first picture I took with our new camera (our old camera broke so we took it back to costco and got a new one that is just as nice for less money... I love costco!)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a busy weekend! Glad you got to see so much family- it stinks yours all live so far away from you guys! And I am jealous of you for this weekend! It sounds like a blast! I am trying to get brave for our anniversary and go somewhere overnight since I haven't ever left Jaxon! I want to but just need to suck it up and do it! And I love the sunglasses!

Aunt Tiff said...


Madden is getting SO stinking big!!! He's adorable as ever. Wish we could see you guys more often!! Love ya!

Aunt Tiff