Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The backyard, a puppy, & an overdue haircut

David has been spending a lot of time in the backyard lately. Our grass is coming in a little better- there are still a few patchy spots- but it's a lot better than having dirt everywhere! We bought more hibiscus to replace the ones the dogs ate a long time ago and to also put some along our back wall. The biggest project lately though was putting together our shed. We bought a shed from home depot and David literally spent like a day and a half working on it. It turned out great though and it is really nice having a shed to put tools and stuff in- it gives us more room in the garage.
Here is our grass area so far:

And our garden- even though a lot of what we planted died... we still have lettuce, green beans, peppers, squash, and artichokes growing wonderfully!

Here is the shed:

We also finally cut Maddens hair. It was getting so long I couldn't take it anymore so I talked David into cutting it. I think he looks older and so cute! And I think he likes it short too cause now he doesn't sweat as much. =) I love this kid!
Madden during the hair cut:

You can see his cute face so much better now:

Short hair and lovin it:

And of course I can't forget to mention that we got a new puppy. I really wanted to wait a while (a long while) before getting another dog- but since I am such an awesome wife, I told David he could get one now. He is so cute with this puppy- and of course the puppy is so cute- I love him. We were thinking about naming him Nash but decided against it... so meet the new member of the hall family... 'Barkley' =)

Madden bending over to give Barkley a kiss:

David is really happy:


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have grass in our back yard...however, I think the dogs would just eat it! It's looking good! You guys are smart for planting your own food. That will save you some money in the long run with the prices of everything going up! Madden looks so cute with his hair cut! I can't believe David wanted a puppy so soon! But how could you not fall in love with that cute face!

Jamilyn said...

The backyard is looking so nice I cant believe the grass is already in it seems like you just started it. The puppy is so cute i cant believe David wanted one so quick though! im sure it was love at first sight though with him! Love the name!!!!! Cant wait to see you.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Your garden is definitely better than ours. Most of ours died except for a few flowers, and even then the apartement landscapers weed-eated half of them(AHHHH). Anyway cute hair cut and cute pup! Im not a dog person but I could handle a cute dog like that.

Devin and Danielle Hancock said...

Oh how I wish we had a backyard with grass... looks wonderful. Cute puppy :)

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

WOW i cant believe you already got another dog. im still trying to talk alvin into getting one dog... maybe someday. I love the last pic of madden in his diaper!! he is the cutest thing!
Love ya guys!!! i think we need a girls night soon....yes??

Taralee and Trace said...

I'm there for the girls night....how awesome would that be?? ha ha. Oh and I am really liking Maddens hair. He is so big. Crazy. Congrats on the new addition. He is very handsome.

The Fish Family said...

When I was younger we had a german shepherd and she had some puppies and we named all of them after Suns players. I think that the new puppy is adorable and so is your little guy! Seriously come up this way and hang out with Danielle and I..we would have a ton of fun, I promise! Think about it.

Nelson Lewis Family said...

I can't wait to get a yard! Garden and grass looks great. Cute Dog! Madden is so cute, and getting so big! p.s. I'm excited for VB! See ya soon!

Taralee and Trace said...

Hip Hip HOORAYs,
I get to see Amanda in 17 days!
I hope the time goes by fast,
Cause we are going to have a BLAST!
Let's go to box and jump a cliff,
And let's just hope I don't biff!
Brody and Madden can play.
They will have a great day.
What do you say?
Maybe they can build a house out of clay.

Ok, I'm done.

Ren & Anna said...

Cute dog!! I'm sorry about your wakeboard. I would be sad, too!

Kristal said...

um, way to give in good wifey! Jase wants a lab/retriever mix, and he's been offered about 3 of them in the last 5 months, and he actually told one person yes, and being the horrible wife I am, I made him tell them NO! 3 kids, 1 dog, 6 chickens, you think he'd be happy! Um, and yea, don't let Kim move out! Lucky! How comes my sisters won't move in with me?! Oh yea, they're all older with big ole families! LUCKY!!!!

danni & steve said...

hey you guys! it was so nice to see you at the wedding-you should've brought MADDEN! :) he is so funny! love the pic of him in his diaper... and i LOVE your homemade site-puttin' it on my favorites... you should put up that magnet board thing you blogged about-i want ONE! :) anyway, hope you all are enjoyin' your new pup... dogs are the best! plan a trip to idaho soon! x's & o's!