Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going Crazy & A Late Father's Day Tribute

Man I feel like things have been going crazy around here lately. Here's what we've been up to:
Tuesday night my parents and little brother and sisters stayed at our place. They only stayed for a couple hours Wednesday morning since they had to get to Tucson. Madden sure does love hanging out with his Uncle Trey and Aunt Maryssa and Emma- and of course Papa T.
He was following Trey around everywhere.

Here he is gettinga bull ride from Papa T.

On Friday Madden and I took David out to an early father's day dinner to Cheesecake Factory (david's favorite restaurant). It was sooo yummy! Madden even wore his 'my dad rocks' shirt. I didn't get any pictures... how lame is that!
Madden started getting a fever on Saturday afternoon. He would get a fever in the high 103's, I would give him medicine, his fever would go down, and then he would get it again about 6 hours later. This went on till Tuesday morning. I'm thinking it is because he is teething- he's getting about 6 new teeth in right now.
We had our friends Aaron and Lindsey over Saturday night to BBQ and watch a movie. It was great to have them over since I haven't gotten to hang out with Lindsey much since we lived together (which was over 2 1/2 years ago).
We played softball last night and won both our games! Woohoo! It is getting so hot... even at 8:30 at night. Volleyball starts again tonight and I'm so glad... we're trying the competitive league again even though we didn't do very well last time! It's still fun though!
Anyway... since I didn't get to do an official father's day post on Sunday... I just want to give a short little shout out to the special dad's in my life.
First off... to my sweet husband who often amazes me at how great of a dad he can be. I swear that sometimes I think he has done this before. =) He is such a great father to Madden... I love seeing him run to David every day he gets off work. Thanks for being a great husband and father!

To my Dad... I couldn't even put into words how great of a dad I think he is! He is so fun and has such a great personality, he's kind and considerate- He is amazing. After high school I had a few guys tell me that they would marry me just to be a part of my family and to have my dad as a father-in-law (and these were guys I wasn't even dating). Thank you dad for being such an incredible father and grandfather!

To my father-in-law... he is the most talented guy you'll probably ever meet. I don't think I know of anything he can't do. He has helped us so much with our new home and yard and I don't know how we could ever repay him. And he is such a great grandpa too... Madden loves 'helping' him in his garden and yard. Thanks for being a wonderful father, father-in-law, and grandpa!!!

Now to the grandpa's... Grandpa Tenney, Grandad Hancock, and Grandpa Hall. Wow... I seriously am so bless to have such amazing men in my life. They are all such incredible examples of strong and successful men. My Grandpa Tenney just recently got called to be the Snowflake Temple President and I couldn't think of anyone who could be better for it. He has always amazed me at the love and care he has for his family, friends, and even strangers.

My Grandad Hancock- I use to think it was annoying when he would make us grandkids give him a kiss everytime we saw him (especially when I was in a bad mood), but I love it now. I love spending time with him- especially playing cards and going camping. He can be pretty darn funny too!

And then there is Grandpa Dave- I fell in love with this guy the first time I met him. I love his strong convictions (and opinions =) and how he isn't afriad to speak his mind. I love his talks and all his advice- especially about how we should never use credit cards and how I need to keep a clean home and stay sexy for David. =) I wish Idaho we're closer so that we could see more of him!

I really am so blessed to have such great men and fathers in my life. I am so grateful for the relationships I have with my fathers, grandfathers, and uncles and for the great examples that they are. I hope everyone had a great father's day!


Vonda said...

What great tributes to all those men in your life. Im excited about your Grandpa Tenney and my mom told me all about his phone conversation with President Eyring - SWEET. If it makes you feel any better, grandpa Hancock still has us give him a kiss on the cheek - he's a softy. Your yard looks great! I still wanna see you and Kim bring that baby over to swim - make it happen!

kristal said...

Awww, I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one with a late father's day tribute! I feel the same way about your Grandpa Hancock! I used to hate when he'd TRY to get me to give him a kiss on the check, he learned I'm the NON affectionate Hatch girl, so he settles for a hug now.
Um, and is there ANYWHERE else to be for the 4th? Of coarse we'll be at your parents. See ya then!

Angie Whitman said...

send me an e-mail so I can invite you to my blog!

Taralee and Trace said...

Yo! Nice shout out to the men in your life. You've got some great ones!
Oh and I've been meaning to call you. We just decided to have Brodster's party at Toni's house. Are you going to be able to come? I REALLY REALLY hope so. Oh and did you get the invite yet?

Vonda said...

Im heading to girls camp in the morning so have Kim call Kayla and set up to come Monday or Tuesday - YEAH! I get to see Maden.

Andalynn said...

You do have alot of great men in your life! What a blessing! I do have to say your madden is such a cute little guy! Dang cute pics of all you guys! You are so ambitious... a garden, new crafts, and always on the go! Your a great mom! Hope to see you for the 4th! Love ya,