Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Randomness

Nothing too overly exciting to report- but I do want to share a few random things that have happened in the Hall home lately.
*David picked some veggies out of our garden yesterday- the very first veggies to be picked from the Hall garden. David has worked pretty hard to get our garden growing. The soil here is so hard and everyone knows how hot it gets during the day! I am pretty proud of our first little garden though. =) I think we'll have some salad and green beans for dinner tonight. =)

*Kim moved in on Friday and I can already tell I am going to love having her around. She is so funny and so cute- I just hope she likes living with us!
*I finally finished the checker-board wall in what will someday be Madden's bedroom. This is the bedroom that Kim moved into for now. It's funny... it took me a long time to paint and when I finished I decided that I should have done different colors. Oh well.

*I also painted a wall in our living room green. It was the same light brown (kind of peachy) color as the two walls to the side of it. I thought the room needed more color so it got painted. I like it better now.

*David and his dad spent most of the day Saturday putting flood lights in our back yard. David also bought a shed he is going to put up back there and planted 5 more hibiscus plants around our grass area (I love hibiscus). Our yard is slowly coming along. Now if we only had a pool!!!
*I decided yesterday that I am going to try to not eat chocolate or drink soda for the whole month of June. Some of you may know that my mom hasn't had any chocolate for the last like 4 months. She is my inspiration.

*Since we lost Nash, David is ALREADY looking for a new dog. We're thinking we will just get another yellow lab. What do you think? Any other suggestions? David wants something that is fun to play with (will fetch and swim) and of course it has to be good with kids and be best friends with a hyper beagle! =)
*David and I are having a lot of fun playing in a co-ed softball league together. We won both our games last week (much more fun than the two we lost the week before). I can't wait for volleyball to start again though.
I hope everyone has a great week!


Jamilyn said...

i love the new paint colors!!! and im so excited kim moved in i cant wait to see you guys. Love you tons!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

I am excited for Kim too! She's so cute! Also I am the worst friend ever I didn't even notice the new paint!! Kick me next time! I am excited for your garden too! Congrats on that!! And really next time kick me. PS I stayed up this late to update my blog cause I know that you have been curious with what has been going on at our house haha!! love you doll!

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

Love the new paint jobs... and i wouldnt even know where to start on the checkered wall... that must have taken forever!! and im jealous you get to hangout with kim all day & that she gets to hangout with you all day... i miss my sisters... Also good luck with giving up Chocolate. Its actually not hard, only the first few days are hard, this is my 3rd week and its way easy to not eat it now.. anyway luv ya tons!!!

Vonda said...

First...What are you thinking!!! Never give up chocolate - its like your veggies, meant to bring joy!

Next....Have Kim text Kayla, she would love to hang out - what ward is she going to?

Lastly....Bring Madden over anytime to swim, I'll call those crazy Hancocks to come too.

Jaime Stephens said...

Your painting looks great!! And your veges yum I bet they were great I would love a garden! We are going to powell tomorrow :-).. I don't think we are coming for the 4th Banning doesn't have it off work as of now...