Tuesday, July 29, 2008

blog slackin...

Ok so I know I have REALLY been slackin lately with my blogging. When I try to think of a good excuse... I can't really come up with anything. Maybe it is the lack of exciting things to blog about? This post has to be quick cause Madden just ran out of the bedroom and I'm sure he will be into trouble in a matter of minutes. Here is what we've been up to lately.
On Saturday I picked up my sister maryssa so that she could stay the weekend with us. It is so nice to have her around! And the little sweetheart was kind enough to babysitt for a few hours that night so me and David could go out on a much needed date. We ate at Olive Garden (one of my favorites) and watched The Dark Knight- which I thought was a great movie. I love spending time with David.

Yesterday I took Maryssa school clothes shopping and she got some way cute stuff. It made me remember all the times I was able to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes. Oh how I miss that!

Meanwhile... little Madden is busier than ever. He loves to crawl and climb on anything and everything. He can now climb onto our tall barstools and then will proceed to climb onto the table.
Here he is after he climbed into the baby swing and couldn't get out by himself.

This is his latest- I found him sitting in our bathroom sink- brushing his teeth. He must have got up there by climbing onto the tub and then climbing onto the counter. ??

He has gotten into trouble many times for this which has brought me to start 'time out'. Most of the time though I find myself trying SO hard not to laugh when he is sitting in time out, saying 'mom' and giving me the 'kiss face'. Here is his kiss face that he gives when he wants a kiss:

He is also turning into quite an independent boy. He doesn't want me to feed him anymore- so he is learning to use his own fork and spoon. And he has become quite the little helper. He does great at helping me load the dryer and dishwasher and SOMETIMES he will even pick up his toys when I ask.

All of this is making me realize that my little boy is growing up too fast and I find myself wondering about another baby. =) Just wondering though. I'm not ready to start this over just yet- meanwhile I'm quite content with the thought that I will be an aunt next year. =)
Anyway... I won't be posting again for a week or so cause we are leaving tonight to go up north and then tomorrow we will be at Lake Powell. I am SO excited!!! I lovc being at the lake and it has been so long since I've gotten to wakeboard. My family was invited by the fish family from Joseph City and I am so glad they invited us and so excited to be hanging out with them.

Well... I hope everyone has a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss you too! I always love looking at your blog and reading about you guys! I will be back in mid august and cam comes home beginning of september cuz he's going on a cruise and then driving back. I'll be there though and that's really all that matters:)Lonna

Jaime Stephens said...

Madden is so cute and funny! I love that guns and roses is on your blog right now hahah... Will you tell your sister that she should add us to her blog if she wishes :-).. Thanks

Taralee and Trace said...

I'm not gonna lie....it's about DARN time. I was having Hall family withdrawls! :)
Looks like that little madden is gettin crazy, crazy. What a handsome little man. He is adorable. I want to hang out with him more.
Oh and I WANT TO GO TO LAKE POWELL with you! How fun would that be? Hopefully you'll have a good time. Is it with Tera Fish's fam or TC and Vaughn and those guys? I'm sure it will be a party either way! :)
Oh and um....tell Jesse what the heck...why she gotta be a hater? j/k. Tell her to add me if she wants.
PSS...is she PREGO??

Vonda said...

No wonder you havent come swimming. I would take Lake Powell over the Guttery pool any day. (I still hope you guys come swimming)

Jessie - Invite me on your blog (unless Im the reason you went private:-)) thegutts@aol.com

Wish I could make it to Jamilyns shower - I will be at our ward camp.

Ashley said...

I cannot believe how big your little man is getting. So cute!
I am going to set my blog to private. I wanted to send you an invite. You can e-mail me at ashlaryn_810@hotmail.com, and I will add you.