Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things I''ve realized/found out this past week...

This past week I have found out and realized some new things... here are some of them:

*I've realized once again that it is no fun having a sick child. I know that I have been blessed to have Madden be a heathly boy and to not have any serious sickness or injuries and for that I am grateful. He has been pretty sick this past week and I am anxiously awaiting his full recovery. The doctor on Monday said he was pretty sure it was pneumonia. He is now on medication and seems to be doing better.
*I have realized that I LOVE camping and want to do it more often. We went camping for our Hancock reunion this last weekend and we had such a great time. We weren't going to go since Madden has been sick but he was still acting like his happy self and plus we wanted to get up in the cooler- cleaner mountain air. We went camping up by Vernon (which made me think of Taralee since she lived there at one point and also Dustin since he lived there when we were evacuated from Heber). Anyway... where we camped was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The weather was amazing and it was just so much fun! Madden had a blast getting all dirty. It was so much fun riding fourwheeler and going hiking and playing cards.
*I found out that cheetos can be an incredible silencing device for crying toddlers on 4 hour drives. =)

*I found out that I want to someday have a 'rhino'. My Uncle Garrett brought his friend's rhino to the reunion and we had so much fun riding it. I thought it was more fun than being on a fourwheeler and you can fit more people! There were some trails we took that made us feel like we were on a ride at Disneyland. =) It was a blast!

*I found out that the best way to get my child to take a nap when camping is to have his aunt Emma take him on a fourwheeler ride (we got him to sleep for 3 naps this way)

And the best way to get him to sleep for the night is to have Mama T hold him and sit by the campfire.

*I realized that David isn't that great at taking family pictures with his left hand.

*I realized that life doesn't get much better than sitting around a campfire with people you love... eating shmores. =)

*Found out that both David and I want to get bikes- I want a road bike and David wants a mountain bike. And we want to get one of these things for Madden to ride in too.

*Realized that my kid looks pretty goofy- but still cute- with shoes on over his feety jamas.

*Found out that family fourwheeler rides are a lot of fun. And also that Amanda doesn't look so hot when she's been camping for a couple of days.

- I have to go since my kid just woke up from a nap... this post is 'to be continued'!


Aunt Tiff said...

I think you look HOT no matter what!! You have the cutest family! And it was so good to see you over the 4th...thanks for finally coming to see me, my baby, and my new house...it made me feel SO special!! I love you girl and give that little guy of your a kiss from aunt tiff...and no I don't mean David!!!

Jamilyn said...

I am so sad I couldn't make it to the Reunion it looks like you all had such a good time. Hopefully next year I can make it up and we can all go. Since we'll be neighbors though maybe we can do weekend camping trips every once in awhile! Hope Madden starts to feel better. Love you

ron&melz said...

We're so happy you were able to join us for the campout!! It was such a wonderful weekend. We loved every minute of getting to spend time with all of you. Hope Madden gets all better soon. Love you guys - MOM T.

Nicole said...

I like Davids Photography skills its very creative! Just screaming with Character!!! Looks like ou guys had fun I am jelous I want to go Camping:( But unless it envolves a bat and a ball dont count on it...

Your mom said...

You are funny! I love the picture of Madden with his footsies on with shoes. I did that to Brody and it does look SO darn funny. AND...don't be silly...you still look GORGEOUS even after camping for 4 days.
I want to Party with you...I want to Party with you.

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

This is so funny because I realized this past weekend also that cheetos are great in the car keeping Porter happy. haha. And thanks to daddy he already knew what they were.

I miss seeing you every week. We need to hang out! Lets plan a day and we can let the boys play!!

Jason and Shay Johnson said...

Amanda, Shay Johnson here.. I saw your blog on Tiff's. Your family is so cute and could you have a cuter kid? I love your homemade stuff....you have some really awesome ideas. I would love to come and see them.

Taralee and Trace said...

PS. I LIKE DAVID'S NEW SHAVED HEAD LOOK! WHOOT WOO!!! (That's me whistling...I hope you don't mind me whistling at your hubby!)

Taralee and Trace said...

You know what I just realized??? That Amanda needs to do a new post!! :)

OH and thanks for saying that you thought I looked pretty in my blog pictures. I was nervous about posting them cause I was camping and the camping rules =
1. There are no rules.
The rest are more of guidelines than rules...
2. Enjoy being free and carefree.
3. No make-up.
4. Braided hair.
5. Scrub and old clothes.

You guys should come up to Pootah and come camping with us. YOu know you wanna!!

Jamilyn said...

I am so excited you and kim are going to be at the Shower. I had a dream that you were going back to school & for some reason you had to do something the day of my shower for it and Kim was babysitting Madden & couldnt go.. Very Sad... Of course I want to start working out I want to do Marathons. I will move in the week before the wedding most likely well thats the plan now & I'll have to figure out where to put Brad for that week! LOVE YOU

Vonda said...

Camping with the fam is the best. Hey, are you guys ever coming over to swim??? I wanna get to know little Madden.