Thursday, September 4, 2008

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend

So I know it is late, but better late than never right? I just couldn't go on without giving a late birthday shout out to my girl from the hood- T Dizzle for Rizzle... aka Taralee. I am so glad that things worked out so that we could be going to the same singles ward, hanging out with the same group of joe city boys, becoming roomates, having so many fun times together, and then of course- so that I could invite my cousin Trace over one night and they could meet and fall in love and live happily ever after. Isn't it crazy how things work out sometimes?
Anyway... Here are just a few of the pics I have of her. Here's a short stroll down memory lane. =)
This pic is in Vaughn's truck, on our way to snowboard at Durango Mountain Resort. This trip was seriously one of the best ever. It was me, Taralee, a girl named Paige and then Vaughn Fish, Brady Merrill (right?), and Trevor Overson. Such fun times! Oh and Taralee is a bad dog boarder.

Most all the time Taralee will have a big smile on her face and it doesn't take much for her to put a smile on the face of whoever meets her. I think everyone who knows her likes her... and if there is someone who doesn't... they're dumb anyway and I don't care what they think.

This just kind of shows her personality. She is hilarious and always made/makes me laugh.

This was at a swim party at GR Hatch's house. Us girls always had a blast together.

This picture is kind of blurry but it's in our apartment and we had so many good times there. I miss that red couch!

So... Happy late Birthday Taralee! I hope that someday our dream of living in a small town next to each other will come true!
Now on another note... I'm leaving tomorrow to go up to Heber and will be gone a week so I won't be posting for a while. I'm so excited to get out of here for a while. Meanwhile... here is a little of what we have been up to this week:
I've made a ton of zuccinni bread. Why? Because it makes me feel all domestic. =) And so that the zuccinni my dad gave me won't go bad. So if you want a loaf... come on by- I got like 8 in the freezer.

Madden has been enjoying playing with Barkley and Belle. I can't believe how quickly this dog has gotten so big. He is so good with Madden though- even when madden tries to ride him like a horse or hit him over the head with a plastic rake.

Since I'm going up to Heber I decided to try and do a little shopping for my mom. As I've mentioned before I'm obbsessed with coupons and sales and I was pretty proud of my bargain shopping this week. I got 8 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of rice krispie treats, 4 boxes of pop tarts, 4 bags of keebler cookies all for $14. And the great part? I get to send in two $10 rebates for this. =)

I've been cleaning and doing laundry and packing a lot. I've helped David pack his bag for Idaho, I packed my bag for Heber and for Vegas and Madden's bag for Heber and also for Grandpa and Grandma Halls since that is where he will be going when I leave for Vegas.

This morning while I put laundry in I came back in the kitchen to find this... he climbed on the counter and ate a little chocolate candy. He gets into everything!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off to play volleyball tonight and then off to Heber tomorrow. Yay!


Aunt Tiff said...

SO glad you are coming to HEBER!! Can't wait to see you...when are you making me something cute?

ron&melz said...

We're so excited to get you up here for almost a whole week!! The kids are way thrilled that you're bringing groceries with you (especially Chace). What a shopper - certainly can't say you learned that from your mother!!

Happy B-day to Taralee - we ALL love that girl and are so glad that you two became such great friends. See you this afternoon!! MOM T.

Taralee and Trace said...

OH well thanks much! Those pictures are SO RAD!! I'm hot, what can I say? (totally kidding) So I also just decided that you should most definately burn that one picture of me in my sweats with my shirt tucked in. WHAT THE???
OH man. I love my Amanda. We've had many many good times. Just way too many to list. Thanks for always being my bestest buddy. Even though we are so far apart. Someday we will FO SHO live next to eachother. We have to...if not for us, then for the children! :)
Thanks for thinking of me! You're awesome.
Have fun in H-town. I'm totally jealous.

Taralee and Trace said...

PS. the "wanna get naked" sign....ha ha ha. Totally forgot about that one!

Anonymous said...

Yummy bread- I was just telling Jason how good that stuff is and how I need to make it so now I am really craving it! And Barkley is getting so big, that is so fun Madden has so many little buddies to play with all day long! Well have fun this week!

debrajo said...

Hey, Amanda! I think you have the cutest blog background in the world, and I want to know how you made it! I'm adding you to my blog list--glad I found yours. You three are such a cute family!