Monday, September 15, 2008

Small Towns & Sin City

This past week and a half has been a pretty busy and extremely fun one. Last Friday- the 5th, David flew up to SLC, Utah with his dad and then from there went to the little farm town of Inkom Idaho to stay with Grandpa Hall for a week. Me and Madden left that same Friday morning to go up to Heber. David's week consisted of farming, farming and more farming- and of course Grandpa Dave took them out to eat a few times. And Grandpa also decided that he needed to get a new TV so David was happy to help him pick one out. David really enjoyed getting to spend time on the farm, working hard and getting dirty, and spending time with his dad and grandpa. Here are some pics from his trip:
Grandpa's farmland is so beautiful

Here is Grandma Hall's headstone

Grandpa's new TV

Look at that sexy man on the tractor

David and his Dad & David and Grandpa Hall

Meanwhile... while David was farmin it up in Idaho, me and Madden were relaxin and having a blast in Heber. I didn't get to take any pictures which I was really bummed about since David had the camera... but here is a little of what we got to do:
- Watched Chace play football Friday night. They kicked butt! It brought back so many memories of watching my high school pals Hunter, Dustin & Banning play football. But this time it was my little brother. Man I am getting old!
- Made 6 batches of zuccinni bread. What can I say... I must make some delicious bread!
- Picked corn from my dads garden and bagged me and Jesse some. Check me out being all domestic. =)
- Grandpa Tenney took Madden to feed the chickens and the pigs and he LOVED it!
- Took Madden on lots of walks and we played outside a lot since the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
- Got to workout with my mom... did a workout video called P90X and holy crap it was tough- 50 minutes of plyrometrics!
- Got to watch Maryssa play a little softball with the 8th grade team. I'm so proud of my talented little sister!
- Got to go visit Aunt Tiff, Lonna Connelly, Grandma Hancock, and Grandma Tenney.
- Madden loved going on fourwheeler rides.
Overall it was such a great trip and the time went by way to fast! Me and Madden came back to Queen Creek on Thursday and then I dropped him off Friday afternoon with his Grandma Hall so that I could go make the drive to Vegas with my friends Lindsey and Aaron. David flew from SLC to Vegas so he was already there waiting for us. We got to Vegas late Friday night but we were ready to hit the strip and have some fun! We pretty much just walked around Friday night and enjoyed the different sites. Some of those hotels/casinos are so beautiful!
On Saturday we did a little gambling, played at gameworks, did a lot more walking, ate at Outback, and went to a comedy show. The trip went by way too fast but it was so much fun!
Here are a couple of pictures:
Our rooms- we got a great deal and such nice rooms!

We saw this on the way to the comedy show... I have no idea what they were doing.

Here is Aaron and Lindsey! We love these guys- they are so much fun. Definitely a fun couple to vacation with cause they are down to do anything and are very laid back.

Here's me and David

So we had a great time and I can't wait till our next vacation. And of course it is always wonderful to get to come home to this: (his aunt kimmie gave him a hair cut while we were gone)


Matt, Katie & Jayden said...

Hey Amanda, my mom told you me that you came to her house for the home tour. She said you were so cute and so nice. Small world huh.

ron&melz said...

So much fun getting you all to ourselves for a whole week. THANKS SO MUCH for all the work you did while you were here. Hopefully David will make his week long trip to Idaho an annual thing!! Sure do love you all - MOM T.

Aunt Tiff said...

Manda- thanks for coming and hanging out with us and for helping with Carly's invites! Sorry I didn't get to Madden's pics...I PROMISE next time I will get them done!! And about your bread...YES it was AMAZING!!! wish you would have made us somemore. thanks for all the couponsense lessons too...I am already totally addicted to it. love ya girl!

p.s. isn't Vegas like the funnest place to go? we love that place!

Jaime Stephens said...

YOu guys are quite the vacationers! That room looks so nice how fun, glad you had a fun trip..

Kristal said...

P90X?! I've heard awful things about that. Ok, only that it's killer, majorly killer, but works! Is your mom getting even skinnier?! She's going to be a supermodel before long! I'm jealous of her motivation. Um, and I love that your grandpa was feeding chickens with your kid. That's our favorite thing to do everyday is feed the chicks.

debrajo said...

How fun! Take me with you next time! It's nice to get away for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey looks like you had a lot of fun!! Madden is getting so big I want to see him!!
{Nicole Coombs}