Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of Our Favorite Things...

Well it has been a while since I've posted... Here are a few of our favorite things from these past couple of weeks:

SPORTS LEAGUES! David and I have the awesome opportunity to play in some city sports leagues (which we love). We play Co-ed volleyball together on Monday nights with our good friends Joe & Talia, and Fred & Caroline. Although our team isn't doing that great right now- we are getting better each week and having a blast! I'm so glad David has started liking volleyball and let me just say that he is freakin awesome... and he just started learning the sport! David plays in a competitive basketball league on Wednesday nights and I play womens volleyball on Thursday nights. It's definitely one of our favorite things to do!

GOOD FRIENDS! We've started hanging out more with a couple from our ward who live in our same neighborhood. Joe and Talia and their two boys Tyler and Landon have become such great friends to us! We play in the same sports leagues and we usually get together once a week to play sand volleyball. Me and Talia have even started a dinner exchange where we cook meals for each other once a week (so it's one less night we have to worry about dinner). We love making new friends.

FAMILY VISITS! My family came into town last weekend and we had such a great time with them. We went to amazing Jakes and ate the buffet, played some games, and bowled. We went and watched Kimi play volleyball- and even made homemade ice cream and watched Ironman. I LOVE family visits!

NEW THINGS! Madden is learning some new things lately. Even though I still haven't quite gotten him to talk, he has no problem expressing himself. He makes the funniest faces. He has learned to open doors and will even put him self in time out when I tell him he's in trouble. He loves to mimic anything you do- from brushing yout teeth, playing xbox, to doing hair. Anytime he sees a headband he puts in on just like mom does. He's so funny- He is definitely one of my favorite things.

MASSAGES! David and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary next week so today we went and got massages at Pima Medical Institute- where the massage students do it for you so it's cheap. It was a great massage and was SO nice to relax!

FUN TIMES WITH COUSINS! Jami got married and has finally moved in down the street. We've gotten together a couple of times and I am so grateful to think that we can be such great friends again like when I lived with her! We went to her house last week and she had the boys make rice krispies. They loved it!

SCHOOL! Believe it or not... school is one of my favorite things right now. Probably because I am just barely in my second week and I am still fully motivated! I finally got my fingerprint clearance card and I took the Praxis exams yesterday and I'm pretty sure I passed so that was great to get that done. My class right now is going great and I am excited to do more!

CONFERENCE: I love watching general conference. Yes I will admit... partly because I don't have to go to church and can be spiritually uplifted in my pj's but mainly because I love hearing church leaders give talks that are uplifting and inspirational. And I decided that someday I want to go to the Temple they will be building in Rome.


Taralee and Trace said...

Hooray. My Amanda is back.
Just to let you know...someday we will play sports together. I think I know Talia...isn't she from Snowflake? We used to play against eachother. She had a money baseline shot in basketball...freshman year?? Anyway- sounds like you guys are becoming great friends.
Madden is getting HUGE!! It is so nuts. The brodster is too. He learned sign language and says "aqua" and "hola". (His babysitter is hispanic.)
I'm so glad you are back in school. One step closer to reaching our dreams! :)
Conference was great wasn't it? I'll go with you to the Rome temple. Pencil me in!
Sorry to hear about Jessy. She's in our prayers.

Brandon & Diana said...

Madden is so cute! What are you going to school for? I love school to! i can't seem to get away from it!

Ok, so the family decor and the frame you have on your wall under it is what I want in my entry way.... or something of the nature, but I lack creativity so maybe you should come see my entry way and think up something! :) Glad to see things are going well with the family and our prayers are with Jessy as well.

Aunt Tiff said...

hey girl!! love the posts! you should see the deals i have been getting. you would be so proud:) we cant wait to see you for the wedding. love you guys!!

Kristal said...

a big heck yes to all of, except sports leagues! boo! I LOVE fun times with cousins, new things and family visits more than anything. Ok, and I love Brio's chocolate molten lava cake too. Hey, can you ask your sister Jesse to invite me to her blog?! I heard about her trials right now. Poor girl. We've got her in our prayers.

{nicole coombs} said...

You are so busy. How do you keep up with yourself? So now that I am not working I need to make a trip out to see you guys!! and Soon!!

Wes and Megan said...

Hey there lady! Just wanted to say hi- I have been away from the blogging world for a while but am ready to get back into it!! Your little man is so cute and so big! I'm jealous you get to play volleyball so much- I miss it!!