Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I LOVE the holidays...

I'm in the middle of packing and getting things loaded up for our trip up north this weekend. David and I switch off holidays each year with our families and this year my family gets Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to a yummy Thanksgiving feast, getting a real Christmas tree, and doing gingerbread houses at my Grandma Tenneys. These are some of my favorite holiday traditions! I'll be sure to post pics when we get back and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!
Anyway... I also wanted to post some pics from this past weekend. On Saturday we packed up the quad and the dogs and made the trip to Sycamore Creek to have a picnic and do some riding. The dogs loved playing in the water and so did Madden- he would have thrown rocks in the water all day if we let him. It was so much fun getting to spend time as a family in the great outdoors. Here are our pics:

On Sunday... we went over to my cousin Chris & Laurens for a cousin 'fiesta'. Thanks so much to Lauren and Jami for planning it and getting all us cousins together. There was me, david & madden, Chris & lauren, Jesse & Alvin, Jami, Brad & Stratton, Devin, Danielle & Deagan, Riley & her boyfriend, & Kim. The food was great, and they even had a pinata for the little boys. It was a great time.

Well till next time... have a great week!


Kameron & Gina Lee said...

How fun!! Is that little quad that Madden is riding power opporated? We want to get Porter one for Christmas...and we are looking for a good deal on where to get a good one. And we are going up north too. We will be in Pinetop, leaving today and coming home monday. Kameron's last big break for the holidays...for who knows how long! Drive safe and I may call you to check traffic tonight because we arent leaving til like 7ish! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Taralee and Trace said...

Your mom loves the holidays...

YO! So, I have a feeling that if you got to go to Heber for Thanksgiving, then you'll be spending Christmas with the Halls. RATS...we'll be in Heber for Christmas. Can't you just plan your life around mine??? COME ON?!!
The camping trip sounds and looks like fun. Remember that one time we went camping and shot guns and stuff.
"move your busted-a vehicle out of the road...we got guns and shtuff..."
Anyway- love ya. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful for you! :)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

Enjoy Heber for us!!Madden is getting so big and cute! Happy Thanksgiving.