Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend together this past week. It had been a while since David and I had gone on a date and since Grandpa and Grandma Hall were kind enough to babysitt for us on Friday we took advantage of it and went out. We went out to eat then met up with our good friends Aaron and Lindsey. We went to Golfland to play arcade games (something we actually do pretty often with them). The boys had fun playing basketball and I just enjoy hanging out with Lindz. We always use our tickets to get a cheap toy for Madden and then some candy for us. It was a fun night.

Here I am before our date night... and at 28 weeks I am definitely getting wider! I went to the doc last thursday and had to have my blood drawn for my glucose test and got the rhogam shot. Everything is looking good and they say I am measuring right on for my due date.

On saturday we met up with David's mom, grammy and his two little cousins Tyler and Trinity at Amazing Jakes. We took advantage of the good pizza buffet and then had fun playing with the kids for an hour or so. The boys loved the carousel and the snapping alligator game. I really like amazing jakes and since I take advantage of coupons I get and using boxtops for arcade points it was a fun and fairly cheap afternoon!
Here is tyler on the truck... he loved pretending like he was driving:
The two boys had fun playing in the race cars. You should see madden move the 'stick shift' like his dad. He thinks he knows exactly what he is doing.

Little Trinity giving me a cute smile! She is such a well behaved baby!The boys on the carousel. They loved it! I loved watching Madden wave to me each time he came around. =)

The Kids on the train with Aunt Teri/Meme.

The kids playing in 'toddler town'.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Aunt Tiff said...

it only would have been better had I been able to see you and Kimi! We love you guys!

StevenBecky said...

Still look cute Amanda, even at 28 weeks. Good for you guys and getting out. Sometimes you just have to get out. Even if it's just to Taco Bell, which we just did today. I can't believe how everyone is growing up and the kids we use to baby sit are now getting married and going to college. Weird!

Jamilyn said...

you look so dang cute! and is that my fav maternity shirt? you look so cute in it!!!!!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

cute cute cute!! We need to get together soon to have some fun i miss ya!!

Kacy said...

Hi, Ramsey is doing really good. Her delivery went really well. She is going to be moving back to Eager sometime soon now that she's had the baby. You look so cute pregnant. Keep up the good work. Tell Jessica hi and I'm glad to hear her baby is doing better. Oh and I Work with a girl named Whitney from heber. I can't remember her last name but she is really tall with red hair and she always asks how you guys are doing.

Taralee said...

Oh well don't you look hot and sexy with that prego belly?!! Ow ow! Looks like you guys had a grand ol' time. Would doesn't love playing arcade games?

Sarah and Trent Buehler said...

Hey! It was so good to see you guys - we definately need to get together more often.

I LOVE the picture of Madden in his best and plaid cute! I'm so glad we can be blogging buddies now! :-)