Monday, April 6, 2009

Projects, A Shower, Fun With Family & A Birthday!

I have been busy busy this last week and a half. I am definitely in a 'nesting' mood and I am constantly adding things to my 'thing to do before the baby gets here' list. Things on this list include: clean all the blinds in the house (our house gets SO dusty), scrub all the baseboards, clean out and organize every closet in the house... and so on. =) One thing I was able to finish this last week was Madden's new room. We have 4 bedrooms in our house and he is moving from the 'nursery' room to his own 'big boy' room. I finished painting last Thursday (the painting took me forever) and David was my handyman fixed the twin bed up for me on Saturday. I moved all Madden's clothes and books in there so he is set to move in. Here is where Madden will start sleeping this week:His rag quilt comforter that I LOVE. Aunt Tiff was amazing to help me do this!
Another project I was working on this last week was preparing for my sister's baby shower. Jami and I made invitations together and planned the food and everything. I made some yummy monkey bread and quiche, and a cute easter centerpiece. The shower turned out great. I just LOVE my sister!

After the baby shower me, my mom and two sisters went back to Jesse's place and I was FINALLY able to hold my precious little nephew. I just love this little guy! I told him he had to get big and strong so he could come have sleepovers at Aunt Amanda's with his cousins and he can eat lots of junk food and stay up late. I think he liked the idea. =)
My family stayed with us for the weekend and we did a little birthday celebration with them on Saturday night for Madden and my little brother Trey (madden's bday is the 6th and Trey's is the 7th). Madden LOVED his lion bubble blower from Aunt Jesse, and the Wagon from Grandpa and Grandma Tenney. Trey got a pretty cool ipod. Here are the bday boys:

On Sunday we had a little lunch BBQ with David's side of the family for Madden's birthday. Big thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Hall hosting the occassion. We always love hanging out in their beautiful backyard (and the weather was perfect!). Highlights of this occassion were Madden getting a big quad from MeMe Teri; Madden riding the quad into the pool and MeMe and Grandpa Hall jumping in after him; the boys having fun playing in the jacuzzi; the Tigger and Pooh cake I made for Madden (it took me forever!); and Madden playing with bubbles. Overall it was a great day and lots of fun!

I really can't believe that it was 2 years ago today that I was at the hospital to have my little Madden. I couldn't even begin to tell about all th joy and happiness this little boy has brought into our lives. He is so special and I am so so so grateful to be his mother! I LOVE you Madden!
Two years ago today:
The birthday boy:


Anonymous said... have amazing talent Amanda! Madden's big boy room is ADORABLE! What a project! Your nephew is adorable and it's a good thing he was able to go home! I'm sure that wasn't easy for your sister or your family! Happy Birthday Madden!

Jamilyn said...

the cake turned out so good im proud of you!!!! looks like it was a great bday weekend with all the family, the shower turned out perfect and def was perfect timing so all your family could be there! thanks for letting me help plan it with you! Love you!

Jaime Stephens said...

Happy Birthday to Madden.. And you have some mad painting skills and also making birthday cake wow... His room is cute. And I am glad you got to hold sweet little Lewis thats great!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Happy birthday Madden!! You amaze me!!! I need your help when I pain taya's and the baby's room lol!! Love ya! and i really appreciate you!!

Aunt Tiff said...


Have I ever told you how talented you are?!!! You amaze me!! His cake was adorable, his quilt is awesome(I have to say that:o, his room rocks, and I am SOOOOO glad you FINALLY got to hold Lewie! He will LOVE having sleep overs just like I did with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mr. Madden! We love you guys!!

Aunt Tiffie

The Johnson Family said... are so talented! I love Madden's room. I will have to steal some ideas from you!

Jami said...

Holy Crap Girl - you have been busy!!!You have the neatest, cutest ideas. I love Maddens room. - Happy Birthday to him, I can't believe he is 2, it is such a fun time. Enjoy every minute because before you know it he will be leaving on a mission!!
Sure do love ya!

p said...

great ideas.

{nicole coombs} said...

You guys were busy busy! Happy Birthday Madden I swear I havent seen him in FOREVER!! I wish I could have made it to the shower Saturday was a crazy day, But I have a gift so I need to bring it over soon. So he doesnt grow out of it :) That means I need to come over like lets say next week???
Oh and Love the checker wall you painted super cute!

Taralee said...



BY THE WAY...You are such a cute prego lady. I'm totally jealous. AND I'm super dooper impressed with your "building a cake" skills. WOW.
BY THE WAY...I miss you.
BY THE WAY...Madden's room and blanket are super sweet. Will you come decorate my house...when I get a house? Thanks. That would be rad and bad.