Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 months & a look back

Kolten had his 2 month check up this week. The doc says he looks healthy and strong which is what I LOVE to hear. Here are my little guy's stats... weighing in at 13 pounds 11 ounces (he gained 7 pounds since birth) and he is 24 1/4" long. He's getting so big so fast!

So I thought I would compare him to his big brother when he was 2 months... Madden was 13 pounds 5 ounces and was 24" long. Not much of a difference.
Do you think they look different... or alike:




Aunt Tiff said...

I still think they look different. They look similar in some ways, but Kolten is still him little self! He is getting so big!! I thought Mallory was doing good for weiging 9lbs at her 2 month check up!!

Porter Prodigies II said...

I think they look very different. So cute, both of them are adorable Amanda, youve done well!

Jaime Stephens said...

man that smile is so cute and they both have it.. They look a lot alike but for sure have there differences so cute!

Taralee said...

Kolten has a little tan going on! Ow ow!

They both have sweet smiles, however, they look totally different to me. VERY handsome boys...but what do you expect? Helloooooo...look who their parents are!! I always knew you and Dave would have cute kids! Those pictures just prove me right.

{nicole coombs} said...

Well they both make the same cute face!! But I think they look a little different not much though. So cute!

Jamilyn said...

So cute. I cant believe they have the exact same smile. they look a lot more alike then i thought they did.

Tara Tenney said...

Holy cow they look nothing alike, Madden looks like a little old man and Kolt looks like Trey, Night and Day,but its stinking awesome isnt it to have 2 little boys that light up your morning everyday. Sure are cute!

ron&melz said...

It's time to bring them to come see Grandma and Papa T. We want to squeeze on both of them. Of course we think they are both about the cutest things ever. I thought Kolten was such a little chunker, but I guess he really isn't that much different than Madden was. I do think though that they each have their own look. At first I thought Kolten looked just like Madden, but not anymore. Love you all - MOM T.

Taralee said...

Still love the pictures.
Are you doing school too still?
What have you been up too?
Come visit me.
Bring your boys.
We'll have a party.
A rootin-tootin party.
Seriously though, come up.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on,...I could do this for DAYS...days I tell ya!!!

Toni S. Cook said...

I am SOOO out of the loop!!! I had no idea your baby was already 2 months!! He is very very cute and I hope we get to see both of your boys sometime this year:) I'll keep bugging Matt about. You look fabulous and it looks like a lot of fun having two little guys around. Hope all is well!!