Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Friends

I met Lindsey over 5 years ago when David and I were dating. They had gone to High School together, were both going to ASU, and they had actually dated pretty seriously at one point. Not very many girls can be friends with a boyfriends x-girlfriend, but with Lindsey... it was SO easy. =) I immediately started to love this outgoing, super cute, sweet, fun girl. We even lived together for a while before I got married. After I got married, we still kept in touch but didn't see each other that often. That was until David got her boyfriend Aaron a job at UOP and they started to become good friends. After that, we started hanging out ALMOST every weekend (we still rarely go a week without doing something together). We went on an awesome Vegas trip together, went quading in the great outdoors, they came with us to Heber for the 4th, and we have spent many nights watching movies or playing games. Thankfully they are the type of couple that didn't mind coming over to hang out even though our house has a pretty loud 2 year old running around. Well... this cute couple got married this past weekend and David and I both had the priviledge of being in their wedding party. It was such an amazing wedding- the ceremony was great, the reception was beautiful... and Lindsey looked absolutely gorgeous! Aaron looked pretty handsome too. =) Here are pics from the fun weekend.

The Happy Couple:
At the reception:

Me and Lindsey before the ceremony: Me and two of the bridesmaids- Lindsey's sister Ashley and friend Kelli.

Me and my new friends Kelli and Lori and the beautiful bride at the reception:

Me and my oh so HOT husbandThe Bridal PartyBIG thanks to my parents for watching Madden and my sister Kimi and David's parents for watching Kolten so that we could have a weekend of fun with our Best pals. And big CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron and Lindsey. We love you two!


ron&melz said...

Awesome!! Tell Lindsey and Aaron CONGRATS from the Tenney's and to come see us again. You look absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for letting Madden come stay. What a fun boy. Love you all - Mom T.

The Fish Family said...

You looks so dang good! I really like those bridesmaid dresses. It's always nice to have some time with your hubby and not have to worry about kids (even though I am always worrying about them!). Grandparents are the best and we can't wait until we live closer to our parents. You have two very adorable boys. Hope to see you sometime soon!!