Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Low Down

Well this is going to be a pretty short post since I am not feeling well. What are the odds that just two days before I'm suppose to be doing a sprint triathlon I would get sick with a cough and massive headache. I hope so much that I get feeling better so I can do it cause I really have been working so hard for it. Anyway... David happened to get sick too and is home from work today and Madden (who has had a cough for about a week now) has gotten more sick as well. So our house is full or sickness right now!

Anyway... we had a fun Halloween weekend. I took the boys up north to my parents and David went on a guys dune trip. We all had a great time. Here are the pics!
Here are the boys before we left home to go up north:

The first night at Grandpa and Grandma Tenneys:Grandpa Tenney with little Lewis: We stayed one night in Taylor with Grandad and Grandma Hancock. We just LOVE staying there! We played cards and had fun visiting. Madden had fun playing with Uncle Trey and cousin Tanner and the babies loved being held by Uncle Pat. This was Halloween Night. Madden did not want to get in his costume and Kolten wasn't liking it either. So I didn't really get any good pictures. =(And while I was up there... I decided I didn't want to have long blonde hair anymore and I had my aunt Tara dye it and cut it short. It sure is different but I am going to enjoy having healthy hair that I don't have to get colored every month and a half!And here are a couple of pictures from Davids weekend. I think it looks fun and I hope I can go with him maybe one time this dune season.


Nelson Family said...

Hey there! Ya we moved into our house, and we are way closer to ya. We are on Crismon and Southern. It is so nice. I hope you get feeling better! and ya we need to do a play date or something soon. See ya!
Sharla :)

Jamilyn said...

Hope you start feeling better soon. Once you have been feeling good for a few days id love to see you. Love the new hair cut and color!!!! you know I always love your hair dark though! Love you

Aunt Tiff said...

hope you all get feeling better soon!! Same thing happened to me before the run on the 4th of july. Love your hair and it was good to see you for a minute while you were here!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are under the weather! That's horrible! Where on earth do you find energy to participate in a triathlon? The dark hair looks great and the boys are super cute!