Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So last weekend we were able to go on a snowboarding trip up to Utah. This was our first 'vacation' without kids since September of 08- so we were very very excited! It was me and David, our best pals Aaron and Lindsey, and my brother Chace and his friend JR Maner. It was a little snug on the LONG drive there and back... but we had a blast!
We stay at my best friends/cousins Trace and Taralee Porters. If you don't know these two and their little Brody... you are SO missing out. We just LOVE them! (and can't wait for them to move back down to AZ) =)

Anyway... we boarded at The Canyons resort on Thursday and Friday and we really couldn't have picked better days to be there. They had just gotten a lot of snow and the sun was out to make it the perfect weather! I was a little sketchy on my board since it had been so long but it was really so much fun! Big thanks to my mom/dad/sisters and my Aunt Joe/Uncle Pat/kids for watching out two boys!!!
Here are some pics...
This is Aaron Dancing to Miley Circus... Look at the joy... classic.

Jr Maner, Chace, and David

Me and Lindsey taking a break at the lodge

This is some crazy guy we decided to let board with us cause we are nice like that. =) Love him.

I am on top of the world! Such a beautiful view!
Me and David. I'm SOOOO glad we share this hobby. It's a blast.

Me and David on our first lift up. Excitement!

Me and my brother Chace... aka 'Chizzy'. Doesn't he look so hardcore?
Aaron and Lindsey- so cute:

Next up... A Vegas trip for SuperBowl Weekend. I could get use to this. =)


Aunt Tiff said...

looks like a BLASST!! You couldnt' have picked a crazier crazy guy(trace) to let go boarding with ya!! Enjoy going while you can...cause before you know it you will have 11 kids and can't go anywhere:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I first glance the picture of Trace looked like your dad! Maybe I'm just getting old and need my eyes rechecked! Looks like fun! Vegas sounds like fun! Oh wait...Vegas is FUN...we'll be going the first weekend in March. Hope the weather is good for you!

Taralee said...

Chazzy sort of looks like a skinny abomidable snowman. (i'm pretty sure I just butchered the spelling of that word.)
BUT- I had a blast with you guys here. I hope the bests were comfy enough. Someday I'll have a big house with pillows for everyone! :)
I love all the pictures. Trace is a goof. I'm glad you guys let him go with you. He loved it and it was a MUCH needed break. I hope we can come visit you guys soon...

Matt n Jessica said... look great! I haven't seen you in forever and just stumbled upon your blog! Cute kids you got there too!