Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Post...

This is going to be a quick post because I have so much to do! I decided to sit down, take a break, and do a new post since I have been cleaning all morning. We have been a busy family these last couple of weeks with trying to get our backyard done and putting in new laminate floors. We got the floors done yesterday and I am trying to clean up the dirt, dust, and mess that has accumulated this past week. I will be sure to post pictures of the new floor once I get everything cleaned and back in place.
Here are some pics of the backyard.
This is the fence we bought at home depot so we could do a little dog run on the side of the house. I LOVE having it! You can also see the cute dog house David built. =)

Here is our basketball court with the sandbox that David made right behind the hoop. Madden LOVES playing in the sandbox. And he loves having Taya come over to play in it with him. =)

Here is our grass area.

Here is our garden area. We have yet to plant a garden this year since it has been raining a lot. And we re-painted the fence that David made white which I like a lot more.

In other happenings... Kolten has yet to start crawling. He can get to what he wants though by doing a sort of worm crawl on his belly. He is still such a sweet little mamas boy and I love it!

Madden is becoming such a big boy. He is almost 3! I LOVE that he is fully potty trained now and is very independent, but still likes to cuddle with mom! He has quite the personality and me and David just love him to pieces!


ron&melz said...

We love those little guys too!! Sorry we didn't get out there to see you all while we were down for the testing. I'm sure we'll get to see you all hopefully over Spring Break while I'm recouping. Love you all - MOM T.