Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back Where I Come From...

It is an absolute MUST that the 4th of July holiday be spent in my hometown of Heber. This is something that David has tried to fight me on a couple of times in the past, but quickly learned that he will lose trying to spend it anywhere else. The 4th of July in Heber has always been one of my favorite holidays. You really can't beat the weather, the amazing fireworks show (the echos from the canyons and the blacker than black night sky), and of course the amazing company of family and friends. I love that it has also become a tradition for some of my old high school pals to come over after the fireworks show to hang out. We missed Trace and Taralee this year but it was great to see Dustin and his wife Lindsey, and Banning and his wife Jaime. I'm so glad my high school pals married such cool girls. Wish I would have taken some pictures!
Anyway... here are some pictures from the weekend. I took the boys up on Wednesday and they LOVED it. They got to play outside all day long and Madden loved following his Uncle Trey around.
Here is my parents beautiful home... the place where I got to spend my teenage years.

Here is the backyard where we get to play volleyball. Love it.

Here are my two little men hanging out on grandma's porch.

Family pic before the fireworks.

OUr two best pals that stayed with us for the weekend. We are hoping they will make
being in Heber for the 4th a tradition as well!

Me and my beautiful sister Kim and best pal Lindsey!

Here is the group that ran the 10K in Taylor Saturday morning! Boy I wasn't ready for all those hills as well as the altitude difference. I didn't think I did very well, but I still placed 3rd for women in my age group.

Madden with grandpa and grandma... waiting for the fireworks:

SO stinking CUTE!


Jami said...

I LOVE the 4th of July in Heber, there is always a neat feeling in the air:) - a feeling of gratitude for this great country,"small" towns, friends and especially the love of family. Keep coming HOME!! I sure do love the Hall family.

Aunt Tiff said...

DId you know your run pic and the porch pic are swapped?:) Glad I got to see you at least for a minute. Whats up with you not comin up for the Tenney reunion AGAIN this year?...we will miss you tons!!!