Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to Reality (bummer)

We just got back from our 4th vacation/trip for the past month. We were so lucky to have had so many fun thing to do this past month. We went to Heber on the 4th, went back to Heber the following weekend for the Tenney family reunion, we went on a roosevelt lake trip with our good friends the weekend after that, and then this past weekend we were able to spend 5 days in beautiful California. It has been so much fun and I really have enjoyed every minute of it. I think part of it has been me knowing that once we got back from this last vacation, I would have a week to get things in order with school, before I pretty much went back to work full-time (doing student teaching). I am so excited for this upcoming experience but yet I am also so sad to think that for the majority of my day- I won't get to be with my boys. I am SO SO grateful though for my good friend and neighbor Jessica who is going to be watching the boys for me. I know they will have a blast there and that Jessica will take good care of them (and make sure they behave too). =) I just hope the next 3 months go by really fast!
Anyway... here are some pics of our family vacation. But first, big thanks to my cousin Brindi who was able to get us a discount at a really nice Marriott hotel where we stayed the first 2 nights. I was also able to get tickets to Sea World for way cheap off of craigslist. In addition, I had already purchased 2 gift certificates for over 50% off from for places we could eat- so we saved a lot of money and were still able to have lots of fun! Also... a GREAT BIG thanks to our Aunt Toni who let us stay at her beautiful home in Mission Viejo for 3 nights. We always LOVE going to stay with her and Uncle Michael and Mathew. Thanks so much for a wonderful time!
Here are the pics:
- The boys in the hotel bed- our first night in California!

On the way to Sea World... two excited boys... and one not so excited dad. =) David was a good sport though- despite the fact he is not a huge Sea World fan.

The boys... waiting for the Shamu show to start!

Mom and Madden... still waiting to see Shamu!

Mom and the boys after the Shamu show:

The boys loved looking at all the fish:

Madden was hesitant to ride the rides at first... but then he loved it! His first time on a ride:

Mom and Kolten... waiting for Dad and Madden to finish their ride!

This walrus was so cool... he just swam by the glass the whole time and kept blowing kisses. =) Kolten and Madden both loved watching him!

Me and David while the boys played:

Here are some beach pictures. We were able to go to the beach 3 different days. The boys LOVED it! They had a blast playing in the sand and occassionally getting in the water (the water was really cold).

We went out one night to the Irvine Spectrum hoping to ride the ferris wheel but it was closed. So we opted instead for the merry go round which both boys really liked!

There was a private park right next to Aunt Toni's house which the boys really liked to go play at.
Family pic at the park:

Dad and Madden being silly:

Madden cooking dad and Kolten some dinner in the little playhouse:

Other fun things we did which are not pictured: Madden got to feed the seals and sea lions some fish... he thought it was the coolest thing ever. We also took the boys to a really cool Jump n Jammin place in Mission Viejo that they had a blast playing at.
We had such a great trip! I hope everyone else is having a fun summer!


Camron and Lonna Connolly said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! Hope Brindi was able to help you out! Made me realize I am in need of a vacation!

Aunt Tiff said...

looks like lots of fun!! I LOVE CA!!! And i LOVE you guys!!

Taralee said...

Yo yo. Looks like you guys had a great time. You look always...but I just thought I would say it again. Your boys are too cute. I just love their smiles.
Alrighty- if you ever get bored you can come hang out with me in San Antonio. Plus you could get my fat butt back in shape.
Hope Student Teaching goes ok. It will be super busy- but you can do it.