Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year

Well with this new year, came some new changes for our little family. We have finally gotten settled into our new home. It was a lot of work getting our Queen Creek home ready for renters, and after all was said and done I was really sad to be leaving our nice home. I have faith that it will be well taken care of though. Oh... and BIG BIG thanks to everyone who helped us move and especially to my family who helped us clean. Our new home is now in Mesa, right of the 101 on Guadalupe. David is LOVING that his 2 hour daily commute has gone down to 30-40 minutes tops. I do have to admit, it is pretty nice being so close to EVERYTHING. I'm especially glad to be so close to my sisters. And I actually really do like the new house. The main rooms are very open and have a lot of space, and the bedrooms are nice too. The only downside is the kitchen- it is really small. Oh and I can't wait to use the swimming pool. I am hoping we will have some fun pool parties over the summer and any of you are welcome to come swim anytime (and maybe this will mean my younger brother and sisters will want to come visit more often!). We are also really close to a nice park which has a big lake a lots of ducks. Kolten's new favorite thing is to feed the ducks. I will put some pictures up of the house soon- I need to find the charger to my camera. =)
Here is a brief summary of what is going on with us these days:
David- He turns 25 tomorrow! Geez babe... you are getting old. haha. It's ok though, cause most the time he acts like a teenager. =) He is doing a great job at work and he really does work so hard. He tries to go to the gym a few times a week, is going to be playing in a city basketball league, and he is still working hard for his MBA (which is A LOT of hard work). He is glad that it is currently dune season, but is bummed that he doesn't get to do a big snowboarding trip this year.
Me- Well... my story is pretty much the same. These two little boys keep me really busy. I feel great on most days and I am definitely getting bigger. We find out this Thursday what we are having. Most EVERYONE is saying it will be a girl, which makes me think it is a boy. As for maternal instincts, I don't have them when it comes to knowing the sex of a baby- so I have no idea. I sure would love to bring some pink into this home, but boys sure are lots of fun.
Madden and Kolten- These two sure are the best of buds. They share a room now and have been doing great! We are working on getting them a bunk bed since Kolt is still in his crib. Madden is now a sunbeam in primary and even though he cried his first sunday, he ended up really liking it! Kolten gets to go to nursery now (thank heavens). They are both ALL boy and love playing together with their trucks, cars, and trains. Oh, and they LOVE wrestling with dad.
Anyway... that is us these days, Here are a couple pictures from Christmas. Hope everyone else is doing great and having a great start to the new year!