Monday, February 7, 2011

Filling with good...

A few weeks ago I realized I wanted to do better at filling my days with more 'good' things. Instead of sitting down and watching a pretty pointless TV show (even though I find shows about cake, wedding dresses, and buying houses to be pretty entertaining), I decided I would try to do something more fulfilling. So we went and got a library membership. In the time I've had this membership I have read 3.5 books. I decided I wanted to rotate reading a fictional, non-fiction, and then inspirational/church book. The first book I read was 'These Is My Words' (thanks for the recommendation from cousin Jamie Cook) and I seriously LOVED this book. I had a hard time putting it down- which I loved. I like to think that if I lived in the 1880's, I would be just like the main character- Sarah. If you haven't read this book- you SHOULD! The second book I read was called 'The Big Short'. I read this books as my non-fiction choice because it was on a bunch of 'bestsellers' lists for 2010. This book was about Wall Street- mainly dealing with the housing market crash and what/who caused it, along with people who saw the crash coming. This book was sometimes a hard read, but it had many interesting facts in it. One of the things I think I learned most from this book, is that money can blind people so that they can't see what is right from wrong. I really can't believe the corrupt and wrong things that people will do to make money. Anyway... the last book I read was from the church series The Great and Terrible. I had read books 1 and 2 last year, so I finally got the 3rd one and read it. I LOVE these books. Right now I am working on a book that Grandpa Dave brought me to read. It's from 1966 and is called 'Ill Fares the Land'. It's a total Gpa Dave book- dealing with corruption in government and the effects on farmers in America. I have learned a lot and enjoyed reading it so far. If you have any book recommendations let me know!
I am also trying to do better and filling mine and my families bodies with more 'good' things. I really have been wanting to eat more healthy- and cut out the sugary cereals and snacks (my boys LOVE lucky charms and fruit snacks). It's going to take work, but I think baby steps are the best for us. We have started going to the Farmers market every week or every other week and that makes a big difference. We love fresh fruits and veggies.
So... what good things do you fill your days with?