Monday, February 28, 2011

When a 3 year old is naughty...

When a 3 year old is naughty... he will throw all the newly folded clothes up to the fan just to see how many he can get stuck up there.
When a 3 year old is naughty... he will ask 'why' at least 3 or 4 times each time you ask him to do something.
When a 3 year old is naughty... he will sneak into the pantry to have a snack and will probably take his little brother with him so that when mom asks "What are you doing?" he will respond with "Brother was hungry".
When a 3 year old is naughty... he will change his clothes 3 or 4 times a day, and when caught, he will tell his mom "I was just changing out of my work clothes", or "I'm getting ready for work".
When a 3 year old is naughty... he will complain when asked to turn off the TV, telling mom that "I just need to relax for another minute".
And today- when a 3 year old was naughty while mom was making lunch... he got the camera out of his mom's dresser (which his KNOWS he shouldn't do)... and he took some pictures. Here is what mom found:
A few self portraits:

A couple of baby brother (aka accomplice):

Our good friend Buzz Lightyear

Messy bunk bed in a messy room

Some PS3 games that little boys ARE NOT suppose to get out of the console OR the case

His money that mom asked him not to take out of his container... but the naughty boy put it in a plastic bag anyway.

Final self portrait

After all this naughtiness... this 3 year old is now taking a nap with baby brother. I wonder what naughty happenings with transpire tomorrow?


Curtis and Dani Welton said...

He sure is extremely cute when being naughty! hahah

Talia said...

LOL!!! I love madden!!! It is SOOO much more funny, when it is NOT your kid! But that pretty much sums up the naughty things that go on around our house! LOVE the self portaits!
PS... Madden is SOOO David, and Kolten is SOOO YOU! Just incase you didn't know that already! ;)

Taralee said...

Oh my!! I can only imagine if my naughty 3 year old and yours got together it would cause a world wide catastrophy! :)
This post was VERY funny...and pretty much exactly how my 3 year old's mind works! Good luck with that!